Say No To Toxic Landfills: Bobsled CBD Declares War On Vape Pen Waste With New Recycling Program

PORTLAND, OR – 07-12-2019 — Bobsled CBD today announced the launch of its new disposable Vape Pen Recycling Program, set up to combat one of the nascent industry’s biggest growing pains: toxic trash. With a slim percentage being properly recycled by users, many of these pens end up heavily populating landfills.

 The problem has grown to the extent that some are calling vape pens “new cigarette butts.” At the same time, tightening regulations in some states make it all but impossible for manufacturers of vape pens to create something truly sustainable. In turn, the recycling industry is suffering its own crisis. “This is a perfect storm for disposable vape pens. The simple fact is that recycling companies have not figured out an economical way to recycle disposable vape pens. The industry currently cannot handle small, multi-faceted components like disposable vape pens effectively, and many of them – lithium-ion battery and all – just end up in a landfill,” said Stephen Sweeney, CEO of Bobsled CBD “Our recycling program takes care of the issue to dispose of each component safely while rewarding vapers who send in their old vape pens with a credit. We’re doing our part to protect the environment, and we hope that other companies in the CBD space will follow suit and put a stop to this issue.” The program accepts broken and unwanted vape pens, offering $10 of store credit as a reward; Bobsled CBD then recycles and disposes of the old vape pens responsibly. The company is one of the first to launch such a program in the industry and is urging others in the space to do the same. Today’s vape pens are small, sleek, and packed with tiny components made from materials like plastic, steel, aluminum, polyester, cotton, and glass, together with electronic components and lithium-ion batteries. The complexity of breaking these parts down for appropriate recycling is currently at odds with machine-driven recycling plants more used to larger and simpler parts, with further complications arising from the oily residue left by CBD liquids. To make matters worse, the unprofitability associated with this complex disassembly and recycling process means that old disposable vape pens are not being purchased by Asian recycling companies. China, which until 2016 imported 30% of all of the United States’ waste for recycling, has responded to vape pen waste by tightening its own standards for what it will accept for recycling. Without being recycled, lithium-ion batteries corrode in America’s landfills, leeching out volatile chemicals which can end up in the water supply. The leaked chemicals, which can include cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, lithium, and electrolytes may even explode, causing underground landfill fires that last for years, belching toxic fumes overhead. While CBD vape pens may not be as commonplace as e-cigarette devices such as Juul, which produces 20m devices every month, the CBD industry’s growth in recent years is pushing industry leaders concerned about sustainability to push for change.  “It’s down to each of us to take conscious steps to think before throwing these in the garbage. Otherwise, there’s nowhere for vape pens to go but the landfill, unless more people use our recycling program to make recycling happen. It’s just so disastrous for the environment,” added Sweeney. “This isn’t just one pen or two; it’s hundreds of thousands to millions, each of which will pollute the ground, water, and air for centuries to come. As a community, we need to work together to stop this – or we will all have to shoulder the responsibility for creating an avoidable environmental catastrophe.” For people who have old disposable vape pens, all that’s needed to take advantage of Bobsled CBD’s Vape Pen Recycling Program is to fill out a form then mail the unwanted vape pens to the address provided. Once received, the company offers a $10 credit. For more information about Bobsled CBD’s Vape Pen Recycling Program or to find out about the company’s products, please visit For all general and media inquiries, please contact Stephen Sweeney by calling 971-302-7178, or email info@bobsled-cbd.comAbout Bobsled CBDBased in Portland, Oregon, Bobsled CBD is an online store which offers premium specialty CBD products including CBD vape pens and CBD dissolvable strips with 0% THC content. The company ships worldwide, and supports the environment, with a vape pen return and recycling program for old and unwanted pens. For more information, please visit Bobsled CBD’s website.

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