WebBricks: White Label & Commission Free eCommerce App Launch

Ireland, Clare, Ennis – 07-14-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — We are developing a Web Application called WebBricks which is to be launched on Kickstarter on the 1st Of August Of 2019 and expires on the 20th Of August 2019.

 Providing the trust of a well-known marketplace for buyers, while still allowing the sellers to have brand independence and a commission free platform. ‘I come from a family who run local businesses in a small town. When I naturally became interested in Business, I started to investigate eCommerce, I realized there was a big issue. With third party logos stripping away the identity of small name brands & struggling startups with high commission rates, it is becoming harder and harder for independent eCommerce stores to be noticed. Something needs to be changed.’- Dylan Sheedy (Owner)                                                              We recognize the struggle that start-up eCommerce stores face, that’s why our WebBricks Store Builder will be commission FREE with the only cost being a Domain Name. The Builder will also be white label, with none of our logos on their website, protecting their brand identity. We also recognize that consumers find it difficult to trust independent stores. The WebBricks Marketplace will collect data from the retailer’s products and use that data to provide a secure and separate marketplace for the consumer. The cost for our Marketplace would be a subscription fee of 2.99EUR per month on launch. The consumer will benefit from this subscription because a commission free platform means prices can be much more competitive. At the same time, the retailer will have the benefits of much lower costs along with marketplace exposure and trust. We are a revolutionary start-up company of 2019. We focus on Web Applications and Hosting services. Our aims are to provide solutions for eCommerce Businesses globally, to allow for improved brand development and growth. We are also environmentally conscious and are focused on the use renewable energy to offset their Carbon Footprint.

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Company Name: Resurtech.com
Full Name: Dylan Sheedy
Phone: +353852324654
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.resurtech.com

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