Spectroline® Releases the High-Quality, Long-Running, Compliant Flashlight: The CLARITY™ 365

United States, New York, Westbury – 07-16-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Spectronics Corporation is proud to release the CLARITY™ 365: their first ASTM-compliant flashlight for non-destructive testing (NDT). Standing up to strict NDT standards, this product provides all of the top features required in an NDT flashlight. The IP68-rating means that it can withstand continuous emersion in one meter of water, making it ideal for rough environments. The 9-hour battery life is enough for a full work shift, making it the longest-running NDT flashlight on the market.


Each CLARITY™ 365 comes with an induction charger for wireless charging. The battery does not have to be removed to charge it, preventing contamination inside the unit. An indicator light will inform the user when the flashlight is fully charged in the induction charger, which is compatible with both AC and USB outlets.


The auto shut-off feature upon reaching a minimum UV-A output means that the intensity will not fall below compliance. NDT can be performed knowing that the intensity is high enough, meaning fewer intensity-checks with your radiometer. With its rugged metal housing, water-tight design, and powerful battery, the CLARITY™ 365 weighs only 0.8 pounds (0.36kg) and is 7 inches (17.8cm) long, making it ideal for small-space inspection.


In terms of performance, the CLARITY™ 365 provides a wide, powerful, and uniform beam pattern. The two models available include the standard-intensity UV-A and the high-intensity UV-A. The CLARITY™ 365 meets ASTM E3022-18 and ISO EN 3059 compliance standards. Each lamp comes with a belt holster, UV glasses, a carrying case, an induction charger (including AC and USB cords), and a unique Certificate of Conformance. 


For more information, see http://spectroline.com/product/clarity-365-series-uv-flashlight/.


About Spectronics Corporation:

Spectronics Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent materials. Their state-of-the-art products are built to exacting engineering standards and are utilized for literally hundreds of markets and applications that demand uncompromising quality and reliability. Spectroline® UV lamps and radiometers are widely used to verify the structural integrity of military and commercial aircrafts. Spectroline® fluorescent dyes are used to check for fluid leaks in power plants, nuclear reactors, oil pipelines and industrial facilities worldwide, and were even used on the U.S. Space Shuttle.

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