5 hour endurance for an hybrid drone

Italy – 07-21-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Hybrid drone reaches 5 hour flight time

Drones have been around for a long time, first as a military weapon, then as a fancy gadget for photographers, but now they are going to transform the world we live in.

They are already being used for urgent transport of blood to the hospitals, and soon they will be used for deliveries of food and medication in remote areas. They will revolutionize the search and rescue operations, making them thousand times cheaper and effective than our actual ones.

But to do all of this the drones need a massive amount of energy, and the batteries are sufficient only for flight times under 40 minutes. This is the major inconvenience when talking electrifying the aviation industry.

New batteries are being developed but no cutting-edge battery technology will be ready for the mass production in the next 5 years.

The energy density is a serious limit in this application, this is why many drone brands are now searching for new alternatives such as a hybrid power plant.

An hybrid power plant is composed by an electric and an endothermic engine which produces the power needed to sustain the flight for many hours: the propulsion motors are still electric in order to be more controllable and have a better response but the power is obtained using the power generator which burns the gasoline fuel, in order to have a safe and redundant system, a battery is placed as a back-up power system, to be sure that even if the main engine fails the drone will still be able to safely land.

This solution has been tried by MIT and Nasa and is now the fulcrum of the technology used at the SandwichAero.

This new aerospace company is now working on new hybrid drones design, made for SAR (search and rescue) and to deliver medical supplies to remote regions.

Their mission is to put the drone technology at the service of the people. They are doing this by developing the HY500 drone, a hybrid aerial platform capable of an impressive 5 hours of consecutive flight without refueling.

Another product being developed is the HY70, capable of several hours of flight and 70+kg of payload; this makes it perfect for transporting food and medicals to remote areas.

They are also planning for even bigger drones with payloads from 100 to 500 kg, to make it a new way of massive cargo and human transportation.

You can find more information about them at https://sandwichaero.com/

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