Critical International Travel Information – Travel Visa Pro Rolls Out VisaGopher

United States – 07-23-2019 ( — Critical International Travel Information – Travel Visa Pro Rolls Out VisaGopher Web Interface The VisaGopher Digs Up the Important Information You Need for International Travel San Francisco, CA: July 23, 2019 / FOR IMMIDIATE RELEASE / Travel Visa Pro (TVP), a leader in passport and visa expediting services, announced the release of its public web based VisaGopher interface, powered by TVP’s VerifyMyTrip™ API, utilized by Travel Management Companies. Travelers often have little understanding of passport and visa requirements, causing delays or refusal. Travelers visiting far off lands have little understanding of basic entry/transit requirements, crime, vaccinations, health care infrastructure, and much more. The VisaGopher digs through noise to provide this information.

•TVP has built and maintains the largest consolidated database of international travel entry requirements and supporting “real world” information

•VisaGopher provides web site visitors with full access to passport and visa requirements, visa exceptions, general destination information, safety and health information at no charge

•No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is transacted and there are no fees, providing a simple, secure and free information source for any traveler to research their destination Anyone can visit, select a destination, such as India or China, and press “Get Started” to enter the VisaGopher program. Based on nationality and destination, VisaGopher will provided visa options (if necessary) and minimum passport validity requirements to enter (each country requires a passport be valid for a specific amount of time based on nationality). You can add additional destinations, up to 50, and receive instant results

– he’s a really fast gopher. Scrolling down, the user can expand the notes section for each destination to review detailed passport validity requirements (including the number of blank visa pages required), visa entry requirements, exceptions to visa entry requirements, transit requirements, and large volumes of information regarding general entry, laws, crime, LGBTQ policies, handicapped accessibility, vaccinations, medical services, hospital locations, and more (level of specificity varies by destination) for 193 nationalities traveling to 249 countries and territories. The data is updated by TVP staff as policies change, or updated information becomes available. “The information we provide is critical to anyone traveling internationally” said Mark Harris, CEO of TVP, “information is key, and a more informed traveler is a happier, and safer, traveler”. VisaGopher provides information to virtually any traveler, regardless of nationality or location. TVP provides visa services to anyone legally residing in the U.S., and passport expediting services to U.S. citizens.

About Travel Visa Pro: Travel Visa Pro is a passport, visa and legalization service provider based in San Francisco, CA with retail locations in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston and Washington, DC, processing locations in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and secure drop-off and pick-up locations in an additional 42 cities across the country. Travel Visa Pro provides service to the public, corporations and travel management companies. For more information, please see

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