Cryptocurrency Exchange Payfty Launches its Mainstream Crypto Adoption Trump Cards

Estonia – 07-23-2019 ( — Payfty Drives Cryptocurrency Adoption With cCommerce Platform


In an effort to expand cryptocurrency adoption, Payfty is debuting the first ever crypto-focused cCommerce platform. The exchange will give customers the ability to buy and sell various day to day commodities using established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Through the expansion of commercial activity in the cryptocurrency space, Payfty aims to provide security and stability to the once volatile sector.

With volatility as the preeminent roadblock to vendor acceptance of crypto-payments, Payfty has moved to minimize volatility risk with the creation of a stable coin known as USDP. By pegging USDP to US Dollars (USD) and backing the cryptocoin with actual dollar deposits, Payfty enables USDP to maintain a 1 to 1 value ratio with American currency. 

Payfty maintains a leg up on the competition by enabling customers to receive cashback and discounts through the use of USDP in its cCommerce store, USDP will officially roll out as a primary payment method on Payfty’s cCommerce store following the end of USDP IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on the 10th August. Additionally, Payfty’s interface allows for enhanced interoperability, providing instant conversions across all listed cryptocurrencies without any processing fee.

A licensed cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia, Payfty is one of the world’s foremost cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s aim is to foster cryptocurrency adoption the world over. Payfty makes purchasing of top performing digital assets like Bitcoin and an ever-growing list of altcoins seamless through the use of standard bank card.

Payfty maintains a customer-centric focus. Platform features include:

State-of-the-Art Security – Payfty engages top notch state-of-the-art AI controlled embedded security protocols and algorithms to ensure 99.9% tamper-proof safety of assets with optimum platform uptime and accessibility. 

Low Fees and High Limits – Payfty is consistently lowering fees and increasing limits for acquiring, selling and spending cryptocurrencies 

24/7 Live Support – Crypto never sleeps. Payfty’s support team are always available  to offer custom tailored support to keep customers growing their cryptfolio.

A Slick and Seamless Interface – A platform built for seamless and easy to understand controls. Payfty leverages a uniquely designed dashboard to keep even the greenest of customers focused on transactions.

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