Ken Poirot’s Quotability Quietly Driving Social Media Self-Worth Messaging

New York, NY – 07-23-2019 ( — Author and Public Speaker Emerging From Virtual Anonimity to Inspire the Internet


You know you’ve seen them before, but you can’t quite recall where. Those simple yet sanguine turns of phrase. Sayings like:


We can’t change yesterday, but we can change tomorrow…

Live your life without ever having to ask What If?


and the seemingly ubiquitous:


Success is to wake up each morning and consciously decide that

today will be the best day of your life.


The quotes often come adorned with emotive imagery, or pasted on the end of a friend’s personal missive of trial and triumph. They are scattershot daily across the social media ecosphere of the more sentimentaly inclined and positive minded.


Yet while you don’t know him and you probably aren’t following him on social media, there’s a good chance his words have hit you across the amygdala at some point over the last few years.


His name is Ken Poirot.


Raised in Long Island, Ken’s varied career path took him to studies in life sciences.He received a B.S. in Microbiology from Cornell before pursuing graduate studies in cancer research. Thereafter, he honed his wisdom by observing human behavior while spending over eighteen years in financial services.


While working as a financial advisor and sales manager, Ken was exposed to some of the nations foremost experts in personal and proffessional training. The application of these lessons through trial and error to his own life experiences created a clear path for personal improvement. Moreover, he began to understand the universal applicability of these lessons learned and sought ways to share them with others.


His first breakout was with the book Mentor Me: GA=T+ERealeased in 2014, Mentor Me went on to become a bestseller. And then came the quotables.


“It’s crazy and also very humbling to see so many people sharing my quotes all over the world.” mused Ken. “It’s every author’s dream to know their words are positively impacting and inspiring others.”


These days, Ken spends his time writing, traveling, coaching, and with various public speaking engagements. To find out more about Ken Poirot’s quotability, follow him on Goodreads,Twitter, Instagram, or read Mentor Me to see for yourself.

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