Kjellman V. Chris Stoikos, Coolbox LLC, Legal Fund Campaign

United States, California, Newport Beach – 07-23-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — A campaign has been launched in support of original Coolbox Toolbox concept developer Shaun Kjellman who has been seeking corporate documents and information related to the operation and subsequent Coolbox LLC transfer of interest to ABC’s original Sharktank personality Kevin Harrington.

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In late 2014 product developer and engineer Shaun Kjellman was propositioned by serial entrepreneur Chris Stoikos  to join in a startup venture to launch a modernized tech version of the common household toolbox aptly titled, the Coolbox Toolbox.

In exchange for equity in Coolbox LLC and a percentage of proceeds from a crowdfund campaign  launched on Indiegogo in early 2015, Kjellman provided concept and prototype engineering services valued at tens of thousands of dollars in addition to campaign video narrative writing and final trademarking work.

Two of Kjellman’s associates also took equity positions in Coolbox LLC and contributed costly prototype hardware which was featured in video and media and used to promote Coolbox, to raise funds on Indiegogo and to pitch to investors when Jason Neubauer (founder of the social app Youbetme)  appeared with Stoikos as a Coolbox toolbox co-inventor on an ABC Sharktank episode  filmed during the summer of 2015.

Kjellman was originally listed as a co-inventor of the Coolbox toolbox in a provisional patent application filed in early 2015 but was then excluded from the non-provisional applications filed by Stoikos later in 2015 which named Stoikos as the sole inventor. Kjellman then hired an attorney to investigate the intellectual property relating to the toolbox and was ultimately successful in obtaining a correction to inventorship  in early 2017.

Following the 2017 correction of Coolbox toolbox IP, Kjellman’s lawyers began requesting company information and records due to concerns over how Coolbox LLC  was being managed, that campaign manager Alex Brown  was promising delivery dates that were routinely being missed and given the fact that Stoikos had launched the Dollar Beard Club  during the summer of 2015 and had stated in an interview with Entrepreneur  that “Dollar Beard Club was his number one focus”.

Although Alex Brown  had promised to provide Kjellman with requested information, Coolbox LLC never did so which led to a lawsuit being filed in May 2018 which requested several categories of information and document production including manufacturing engineering and fulfillment as well as financial information. This suit was ignored by Stoikos who later stated that he “did not believe in the law” and that he would not produce several categories of information.

In August of 2018, King County Superior Court issued a default judgment order against Coolbox LLC, ordering the company to pay Kjellman’s legal fees incurred in bringing the initial suit and ordered Coolbox LLC to produce several categories of information.

In May of 2019 after still not having received all categories of documents that Coolbox LLC was ordered to produce, Kjellman filed a motion for contempt which seeks final document production, legal fees incurred to date, fines levied against Stoikos and imprisonment until Stoikos’ contempt is purged.

In June 2019, King County Superior Court ordered Chris Stoikos  to show for a contempt hearing. On Friday, June 28th, Counsel representing Stoikos appeared in court to ask for a continuance. A new hearing is scheduled for August 2nd, 2019.

Currently, very little is known as to the nature of how Coolbox LLC was truly managed and the full nature of the transfer of interest to Kevin Harrington  which allegedly left Kjellman and other members of the LLC with zero interest in any new Coolbox related ventures including Kevin Harrington’s new Coolbox Cooler , a derivative of Kjellman’s engineered Coolbox toolbox concept design which Harrington funded on Kickstarter  in 2018.

Approximately $35,000 has been spent to date for the correction of inventorship of patents in addition to legal actions taken in order to obtain company records and information relating to the operation and transfer of Chris Stoikos’ Coolbox LLC to Kevin Harrington.

Kjellman is looking for support in seeking transparency and a full accounting of how his, and others’ investments were managed which includes the backers of the Indiegogo campaign.

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