Pioneering Crypto Project ILCoin Announces New Exchange Listings, DApp Games

United Arab Emirates, Dubai – 07-29-2019 — ILCoin now trading on FinexBox, Bit-Z, Digifinex, BITKER, CoinTiger, DOBI, and many more.


ILCoin, the innovative Bitcoin alternative utilizing “command chain protocol (C2P)”, is launching its debut DApp, a game called AGE of ILC. AGE of ILC is a tower defense game in which players have to obstruct strangers and stop them from stealing their treasure.


The game, which has been developed in conjunction with Specter Gaming and BOT Robotics, is just the first of many DApp games built on the unique ILCoin blockchain. The ILCoin team has encouraged crypto enthusiasts to submit ideas for DApps that broaden the use cases for its network. The crypto platform says it would love to hear about new approaches for games, online stores and payment systems — apps that can increase cryptocurrency usage on a daily basis.


“We are looking for new talent that can help us create different apps that increase the use of ILCoin, that’s why we’ve launched DApp submission contests to the whole community,” said Alex James, the development leader of ILCoin. “Because we are an international company we seek to satisfy our entire market, not just focus on the needs of a single region.”


To coincide with the upcoming launch of the new game, ILCoin has also announced a new exchange listing on FinexBox, increasing the number of exchanges listing ILCoin to 15.


ILCoin, which has an average daily volume of nearly $1.5 million USD, is aggressively seeking additional exchange listings. Any exchange interested in listing ILCoin can reach out to to discuss listing opportunities.



ILCoin uses “pioneering technology” known as command chain protocol (C2P) to ensure that its blockchain is as secure as possible. Its developers say C2P, which is certified by an official partner of cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks, has the potential to prevent 51% attacks, in which hackers acquire the lion’s share of computing power in a network. ILCoin also has the ambition of becoming the first blockchain to create smart contracts that run using SHA-256 technology — enabling them to perform complex operations in fully fledged programming languages that extend far beyond the “small set of simple operations” that many other networks are capable of.

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