Rebecca Zamolo reveals that the Game Master is Fake, It was all Just a Game!

United States, California, Beverly Hills – 07-29-2019 ( — The Gamemaster Series seems to be halted when Rebecca Zamolo finds out that it was never really real at all.


Top YouTube start Rebecca Zamolo (7 million subscribers) is now reaching a crossroads as she is struck with the revelation that the Game Master Reality was never a reality, but an escape room in real life orchestrated by a company who was hired by Rebecca herself back in July of 2018.  Over her previous vides she has been receiving these mysterious notes that look like the shape of business cards guiding her along a new path.  However in today’s video Rebecca is confronted by the Game Master Incorporated (GMI) stating that the game has gone too far and has reached its end.  They offer her a contract to take it all back which she reluctantly signs.  Afterwards she finds her self back at the point where it all started, her Cabin located in Big Bear.  The video is cut short as she investigates for herself if it was real or just an elaborate story portrayed by actors that were hired by the GMI. 


Rebecca Zamolo never fails to release creative and engaging collaborations with A+ storylines, resulting in family-friendly content for viewers of all ages. This new twist turns the tables and sparks a new thought for her loyal viewers.


You heard it here first: On the morning of July 28, 2019 Rebecca Zamolo will be releasing her video titled, The Game Master is Fake, It was all just a game.  In a YouTube Spy Challenge revelation will we finally unmask the Game Master and reveal the truth.  The Only Question left is who can be trusted.

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Tune in Saturday July 28th at 8:00am.


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About Rebecca Zamolo: Rebecca Zamolo is a social star and entertainer who is best known for her comedic videos on her self-titled YouTube channel, which recently surpassed 7 million subscribers. She is also one-half of the Matt & Rebecca YouTube channel alongside her husband.

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