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With notes of rye, malt, and oak, ArKay alcohol free Whisky flavored beverage smells and tastes like a well-blended and sophisticated whisky. Alternately, ArKay alcohol free Bourbon flavored drink surprises you with its well-rounded caramel and aged oak flavors. More impressive is the ArKay alcohol free Japanese Whisky flavored drink which beholds subtle tones of malt, peat, and rye with a warm linger. So, if it’s not alcohol, not whisky, not bourbon, nor scotch, what is it?


ArKay breaks the mold with a molecule!  

Real liquors and distilled products have a warmth and burn sensation produced from ethanol which irritates the oral mucosa, which in everyday words is the membrane lining in your mouth and throat.  The ArKay products are enticing because they too have a warmth and burn. ArKay beverages include a molecule called W.A.R.M. When tasting and in contact with the tongue, the W.A.R.M. Molecule sends stimuli to the brain, an illusion operates, the mucous membranes of the mouth saturate with a warm burn, and taste, which makes consumers believe they are drinking alcohol.


The ArKay W.A.RM. Molecule is the alcohol replacement that warms and burns like a real liquor. ArKay impresses and entertains even the most sophisticated connoisseurs when they taste and experience distinct tones and hints of rye, malt, oak, or caramel. Like any connoisseur, our consumers enjoy the smells and full flavors of whisky. Plus, when mixed with ice, water, or other beverages, the ArKay non-alcoholic beverages open up and becomes more impressive with deeper characteristics of distilled whiskies. ArKay beverages are impressive and entertaining.


ArKay non-alcoholic spirits are:

  • Deep in complex flavors
  • Impressive with a burn equal to real liquor
  • NOT distilled
  • Zero % A.B.V. 
  • Zero Alcohol 
  • Sugar-free
  • Good for EVERYONE 
  • Consumable ANYWHERE

Behold the benefits: No drunkenness and no adverse effect. Indulge in sophisticated tastes of bourbon and whisky without the harmful effects of alcohol. ArKay is the alcohol substitute for people who want to have a good time without the danger of alcohol.


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ArKay is the pioneer of the alcohol-free liquor and spirit movement that started in 2007 when Reynald Vito Grattagliano created the world’s first alcohol-free whisky. The company heightened its game in 2011 when ArKay exported drinks to over 120 markets around the world. Since then, master mixologist, Reynald, continues to craft beverages that are full flavor and essence that replicate the most popular distilled brands. Today ArKay’s momentum continues to fuel the trending Revolution of Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Cocktails with over 30 popular and entertaining flavors. 



Don’t drink and drive unless it’s ArKay ®

Zero Alcohol. Zero Sugar. Zero Hangover. Zero Calories.

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