Mass Shootings: Domestic Terrorism, An American Epidemic That Must S.T.O.P. A Public Health Crisis Requiring Action Now

United States, Georgia, Atlanta – 08-07-2019 ( — Stop Shootings of all kind. 

Stop Terrorism in America with a statute that makes it a crime.Stop Ongoing easy access to guns and ban assault weapons.Stop Proliferation of racist and anti-immigrant messages from elected officials. Suicide, homicides, mass shootings…all gun violence must STOP. Uniquely, gunviolence is an American epidemic which differs from other countries due to the easyaccess to guns in the United States. In order to stop an epidemic, action must betaken! View Gun Violence Archive’s 2019 Mass Shootings Report now.  We have a domestic terror crisis in America that should be treated as a priority health problem. It should be treated with the same level of urgency as terror attacks from International terrorists. Congress must do their job and immediately investigate and go after these groups.  While America continues to be attacked from within, Federal, state and local officials, along with some news reporters, remain reluctant to use the words domestic terrorism. Self-described white supremacist (terrorists) and white nationalists (violent extremists) and the spread of white nationalism have grown at an alarming rate in America. Their acts of domestic terrorism are also fueling a public health crisis. The increasing mental and emotional fear Americans live with each day as children go to school, citizens attend places of worship, young people attend concerts or go to the mall is changing the DNA of America as it is negatively impacting our long-term mental well-being. The officials in El Paso got it right. They swiftly announced that the shooting is being treated as domestic terrorism. During their conference this weekend in Washington, D.C. Moms Demand Action converged on capitol hill and the White House. Unfortunately, a few hours after their peaceful demonstration, we awoke to the shock of another shooting. These mothers and their male supporters are calling on elected officials to take action that delivers gun sense in America. White supremacists are inspired by the hateful rhetoric of current administration in Washington, D.C. The rise of white nationalism correlates with the unacceptable hateful messages from those in leadership. These two factors in addition to easy access to guns is the formula that has produced an ongoing series of mass shootings throughout the country. All lives DO matter. All citizens who truly love America and who respect the lives of all people, must support a call for domestic terrorism to qualify as a Public Health Crisis in America. The members of 100 Black Men of America, Inc., along with the men that make up our International membership, stand united in a 100 Call To Action. We ask all American citizens to support a Summit for America’s Future Why is a Summit Needed? Because no American citizen operating in sound judgement, who loves this country and also respects can live free and brave when any of the following exists: 

  • African Americans cannot safely go to church to worship
  • Jewish Americans cannot safely go to synagogues to worship
  • Hispanic Americans cannot safely go to the mall to shop
  • Muslim Americans cannot safely go to mosque to worship
  • Children, our most vulnerable citizens, cannot safely go to school to be educated

 Below are the hard questions that must be addressed at the Summit. American citizens deserve a response to these questions from public health officials, by federal security agencies and by all leaders in Washington, D.C.: 

  1. Why is Congress okay with more assault weapons being on the street than within the U.S. military?
  2. Why are Americans dealing with mental health and thoughts of suicide not receiving care?
  3. Why are elected officials and the NRA continuing to underestimate the trauma that youth are under as they walk into schools each day?
  4. Why do some Americans struggle to call racism what it is and simultaneously support the racist rhetoric of our current President? 
  5. Why is the language that has been used historically to devalue black and brown people in our country, and citizens of the world, acceptable is our politics today?
  6. Why are social media sites and racists websites allowed to carry and support hate rants?
  7. At what point leading up to each domestic terrorist attack could intervention have taken place? 
  8. Are members within an inner circle of extremist organizations culpable and should they start being held accountable?
  9. Why are mass shootings highlighted while daily shootings in cities across America, especially in black and brown communities, continually under reported?
  10. Why are white men born in America who are being radicalized not investigated as domestic terrorists?
  11. Why are elected officials not putting policy aside and coming together to save lives?
  12. Why are the by-partisan solutions that would save lives sitting stalled in Congress? 
  13. Why are elected officials not living up to the promises they make after each mass shooting to deliver real solutions?
  14. Why is our current President not demonstrating leadership?

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