Trump State Department Sued over Passport and Citizenship Denial. American Blocked from Returning to the U.S.

Uruguay, Montevideo – 08-07-2019 ( — Native New Yorker Daniel Bruno (52) has sued Mike Pompeo’s State Department for blocking his passport renewal and denying him re-entry to the United States. The lawsuit has commenced with a petition at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States. As a member of the O.A.S. and signatory to the 1948 Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, the Trump State Department must either respond or attempt to get the lawsuit thrown out.


The lawsuit charges the embassy of the United States in Uruguay with blackmail and interference in the government of Uruguay”s offer of refuge to Daniel Bruno. Texas businessman Kenneth George, U.S. ambassador to Uruguay, was picked by president Donald Trump earlier this year as the United States seeks to improve its standing in Latin America.


Told to Sign a Blank Sheet of Paper During Interrogation at U.S. Embassy Uruguay


Major Andrew Ellis of the Prince George”s County, Maryland, Police Department, told Daniel Bruno to sign a blank sheet of paper as a requirement to verify his signature and get his passport renewed. Daniel Bruno refused and was denied a one-way passport to return to the United States.

In a video statement, New York City native Daniel Bruno challenges the State Department to demonstrate that he has a criminal record or is wanted by law enforcement. In 2017, Daniel Bruno produced a video documenting U.S. Ambassador to Argentina Noah Mamet’s denial of his citizenship and voting rights. and wrote op-eds describing Noah mamet as unfit to be an ambassador.



Daniel Bruno and his lawyers claim that the State Department mocks Daniel Bruno”s next of kin in the United States, demands childhood photos then refuses to return them . A claim is made for economic damages, loss of income and defamation.


Congressman Anthony Brown (D) Maryland has received letters from the State Department stating that Daniel Bruno cannot have his passport renewed because the preponderance of the evidence is that Daniel Bruno is not an American citizen. Daniel Bruno”s lawsuit alleges that he is refused a passport renewal as part of a scheme to force him to make false confessions and false statements about others and, that the State Department wants him stateless until he submits to their demand. His certified New York City birth certificate is not accepted by the State Department as proof of nationality because his name, fluency in Spanish and foreign looks suggest he was born outside the United States. Both of Daniel Bruno’s parents are natural born citizens from the United States but the State Department declares that not all Americans are citizens entitled to a passport or to return to the United States. Daniel Bruno is the grandson of notable African-American professor, the late Charles Lampkin.

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