Black Owned Company Founded By Husband & Wife Team Creates Tools Helping Veterans & HBCU’s Get Career Ready

United States, South Carolina, Fort Mill – 08-12-2019 ( — New all-in-one digital training platform proves to help workforce leaders nationwide to give their people more competitive advantage through any career transition!

 Fort Mill, SC.,  — DeMario & Dawn Nicole McIlwain, Husband & Wife Co-Founders of BrandDisco©, a veteran-owned company which offers signature online development tools for modern workforce leaders, is excited to launch its new automated personal branding course, for job seekers in transition.Founded in Dec 2016 & Established in February 2018, BrandDisco© first originated from the couple’s Branding & Marketing Firm, where they helped professionals to develop & market their personal brand messaging.Dawn Nicole, already a well-known Business Development Coach and Certified Agile Scrum Master with a background in methodologies and DeMario McIlwain, an Automation Developer & Digital Marketing Expert, joined forces to advance their product offerings and BrandDisco© was born.Quickly evolving from a professional service to a workforce tool, BrandDisco©, has already demonstrated success in supporting widely known Military Transition Programs, such as Texas Veterans Commission, Onward To Opportunity, Virginia Department of Veteran Services, and more!In Dec 2018, BrandDisco© also partnered with The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, CIAA, to support the career readiness efforts of HBCU’s, as they transition their students from campus life to a corporate culture.Thrilled to see their hard work create result-driven impact across the Workforce Community, DeMario McIlwain, Army Veteran & BrandDisco©’s President, describes why BrandDisco©’s mission, to help leaders translate hidden values into high impact success, is a personal mission to him.McIlwain describes a time back in 2001 when he was transitioning out of the U.S. Army and into the Civilian Workforce and the unexpected challenges he faced, inadvertently forcing him into entrepreneurship.He believes the tools BrandDisco© offers today, would’ve helped him to better translate his skills, tell his story and compete.Today, BrandDisco©’s business model gives Workforce Leaders the power to do exactly that with their people, by obtaining an annual license to use its signature online tools as their very own.Available as a total package, or sold separately, BrandDisco©’s tools consist of:·       – An automated Personal Branding & Soft Skills Assessment that allows leaders to instantly discover their people’s highest and best success factors in under 3-minutes.·        -A Personal Branding 60-Minute Online Course for transitioning job seekers, that covers five workforce development key-components.·        -An eCoaching line of 6-videos designed to help transitioning job seekers improve any soft skill in just 30 days. BrandDisco©’s All-In-One Digital Tool Box, For Modern Leaders, promises more results for their transitioning job seekers getting them clearer, noticed and hired, in 50% less time.“I believe teaching personal branding and career readiness, is only half the battle, the other part is delivering it quickly, in the most compelling & actionable ways. I see this as the real opportunity & that’s what BrandDisco© is helping Workforce Leaders to do,” said Dawn Nicole, BrandDisco©’s Vice President. Through creating on-demand, high-impact tools, to help Workforce Leaders operate more efficiently, BrandDisco© believes it’s doing its part to make a significant change in the way that job seekers tell their stories and market their top talent talents to key decision makers.As a result, BrandDisco© has its sights set on eventually supporting multiple evolving global-markets over the next five years.For more information on BrandDisco©’s signature tools and how their difference is making a difference go to www.getbranddisco.comOr, for specific questions about this press release, contact Dawn Nicole McIlwain at [email protected]

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