Nexford University launches $200k startup funding for its graduates

Indonesia, Jakarta, Jakarta – 08-15-2019 ( — The Washington DC-based university unveils Entrepreneurship Scholarship and $200,000 funding opportunity for scholarship graduates.

 The world needs more entrepreneurs. But millions of people struggle to get the education and skills they need. Nexford University plans to change that.Today the university has announced its Entrepreneurship Scholarship and $200,000 startup funding, with a mission to empower next-generation leaders across the world. “The world needs more doers,” said Fadl Al Tarzi, Nexford’s CEO. “We thought about what we can do to help them. If you’re a doer, you won’t let anything stop you, be it your physical location, lack of experience or even lack of funding. Having said that, we want everyone to succeed – we want to empower people with the tools they need to increase their chances of success.”Through this initiative, we’re providing entrepreneurs with the skills they need to move forward in life, and we’re not stopping there. While we believe skills are the most valuable currency, you can’t buy ads or hire people with skills alone. So we’re taking it one step further and funding the most promising startup ideas we’ll receive.”Entrepreneurs play a key role in the economy. The US Small Business Administration reported that small business added 1.9 million net new jobs in 2018. The 30.2 million small businesses in the US employ 47.5 percent of the state’s private workforce. Forbes found that the global startup economy also generated $2.8 trillion in economic value since 2017.With this opportunity, entrepreneurs can launch their business idea, get ahead in their career, improve their prospects and influence those around them.100 scholarships, $200k startup funding opportunityThere will be 100 BBA or MBA scholarships announced as part of Nexford’s push to support more entrepreneurs. Scholarship recipients will practice real-world business concepts that act as a bridge to entrepreneurship. Specializations learners can choose from include Building a Tech Startup, 360° Marketing, Enabling E-Commerce, and Doing Business Across the World.Scholarship graduates will have the chance to pitch their startup idea. Every year, Nexford will fund five scholarship graduates at $10,000 each. Nexford offers 100% online, globally affordable education through a next-generation learning experience. While many universities offer education that is heavily theoretical, Nexford believes in a different approach – education is important not only for startup success but as a foundation on which learners will build on for years to come. Along with applicable skills, learning how to learn is essential regardless of one’s career path.Rebecca Ebokpo, MBA 2019, said: “I’m going to use my MBA to support managing my own law practice and advise clients on business-related issues. I’m happy to be part of the movement to the next generation of education. And I encourage others to come join the movement.”Nexford Entrepreneurship Scholarship applications are open until September 15. About Nexford UniversityNexford University is a next-generation university based in Washington DC offering skills-focused learning. Using technology to provide education on a global scale, Nexford plans to become the world’s largest and most affordable American university.Media inquiries: marketing@nexford.orgContact: +1 202-381-7766For more information, visit

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