Samantha Siu Jewelry is now on sale in New York and California

United States, New York, New York – 08-15-2019 ( — Samantha Siu New York, a new Luxury Lifestyle Jewelry House, announces that its debut collection “A Love Affair” is now on sale in Wolf and Badger New York, and Presley & Co. Fine Jewelry, San Diego. This collection was inspired by the travels and adventures of our owner and chief designer, Samantha Xiao, with her first love. Unlike traditional necklaces that mostly showcase the esthetics of the front; Siu’s collection is a 360-degree design that also feature elements that will enhance the sensualities of the women’s back and neck line. The necklace can also be worn turned 180-degree, making it reversible and creating a completely different look and feel.

Samantha Siu revitalizes a long-lost Chinese Art of wax carving. This ancient process results in jewelry pieces of the highest intricacy and fidelity in comparison to modern computer aided designs.Samantha Xiao is a secondary generation jeweler. Growing up within the jewelry field at a young age, Samantha finally felt that it is the right time to launch her own brand under Samantha Siu.  Samantha first conceptualize the 360-degree necklace design when she was attending Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.Samantha Siu, Inc. is a privately-owned company incorporated in the state of New York. It plans to market the jewelry both domestically and internationally.  For more information, please visit

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