Dogs get Lonely Without Furry Friends & New App Woofr Makes it Easy for Pooches to Connect and hopefully Help Their Humans Find Love Too!

United Kingdom – 08-19-2019 ( — Experts agree that dogs are naturally pack animals, so even with a loving owner, they are often are missing something when not being able to be around fellow-four legged friends.  The new app Woofr makes it easy for owners to link up and arrange doggie fun or even date days, love could be in the air for pooches and people alike!

While a dog may be a man (or woman’s) best friend, this still doesn’t change the fact that their nature, as pack animals, is to want to spend time bonding with fellow canines.  Did you know that there are over 500 million pet dogs globally? How about the fact that 1 in 5 has a social media account? Another interesting fact is that most dog owners only actually own one dog! Many of these people are facing the problem of not having access to another dog or dogs for their beloved pet to play and bond with, a solution was definitely needed.  Answering the call, is what some are calling the “World’s First Doggy Dating App” Woofr, a fun mobile app (‘social petwork’ if you will) that allows users to show off their pets to make connections with other local dog owners and arrange doggy play sessions, that will likely help their pets be more happy and healthy, and who knows, love could be on the cards for the owners too!  The app is available for free on iOS and is coming soon on Android. So there may be just a bit of doggy romance or at least new friendships in the air for both hounds and humans.


“When it comes to making connections swiping left or right has become an integral part of the dating experience for many people,” commented James Gaubert, from Woofr.  “Now we’ve opened the door for pet people to use the same kind of cool and convenient technology to find BFF’s for their beloved pooches, and maybe even a little love for themselves, something which everyone is sure to enjoy and appreciate, Woofr is the dating app that puts hounds first and humans second”.


The functionality on Woofr is very similar to other modern-day dating apps, with the additional feature of being able to search by dog breed and even sending of voice notes, allowing users to record their dogs ‘woof’ and send on to their new friends! 


According to Woofr, there’s close to 100 million pet dogs worldwide, and judging by how much people love to post their photos on social media, their health, and happiness, is a top priority for a huge and ever-growing number of people. Allowing them to bond with other dogs has been proven in research and by animal behaviorists to be a sure way to keep them more happy and content, even to the point of releasing oxytocin inside their heads, the so-called “love hormone”, that people associate with feelings of happiness and love.


Registering and using Woofr takes no time at all, with beta-testers describing it as being huge fun and new members joining every single day and an incredible rate! 


Elisa Taylor, from London, said in a five-star review, “I think Woofr is an amazing idea.  I live in a small but nice apartment, with my tiny little dog who is my pride and joy. I do know she gets lonely when I go to work, but getting a second pet is not an option.  When a tech friend told me about Woofr I knew I’d be one of the first to use it and take her out to meet other dogs and be able to bond and have fun.  She loves other animals so this will be heaven for her.  I expect to see lots of tag wagging soon!”


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