FN Platform 2019 – Pain Relief Shoes Make High Marks

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES – 08-21-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Gravity Defyer® Medical Technology Corp. (gravitydefyer.com), famous for its unique VersoShock® Pain Relief Footwear was greeted eagerly by US and international retailers attending the FN Platform Trade Show in Las Vegas, August 12th through the 14th, 2019. 

FN Platform’s reputation of bringing together global leaders that shape the footwear industry is well deserved. Brands from 30 countries were in attendance. Guests included power players from leading brands and retailers including Informa’s president of footwear, Leslie Gallin, Birkenstock CEO David Kahan, Ross & Snow co-founders Fred and Meghan Mossler, BBC’s Bob Campbell and many more. 

The show’s North hall, featuring Interactive exhibits, and a new easy-to-navigate floor layout was a colorful setting to present Gravity Defyer’s G-Defy comfort and athletic footwear to new eyes, and -of course- feet.

“Before attending FN Platform, I injured my knee hopping into a boat. A torn meniscus –really painful. But I wasn’t about to miss this show,” said Bill Taylor, Gravity Defyer® Medical Technology Corporation’s director of global sales. “I was on my feet for three days without a break. I’m so glad I had my G-Defy® Mighty Walks. Sure my knee hurt (whose wouldn’t?), but when I looked across the isle and saw guys from competing comfort shoe brands clutching their backs after only a few hours on those concrete floors, I felt pretty darned good about things… This year’s show was the best I have ever experienced, and definitely the best for G-Defy® ever!”

Gravity Defyer® took questions and shared their patented shock absorbing shoes, winning new international distributors and opening new accounts. Buyer commitments and orders exceeded expectations.  Much of that success was attributed to a rare sneak peak of the new G-Defy® XLR8 –featuring VersoCloud® Spring Cell Technology. Where VersoShock, with its trampoline-like heel is clinically proven for pain relief, VersoCloud® with its specially formulated polymer sole targets a blend of performance and protection. Buyers loved its light-weight, comfort, and performance features including:

  1. Full shank for lateral and medial stability
  2. Toe-off rocker profile and a motion control line that promotes a heel-to-toe striking gait (reducing pain and preventing injury).
  3. Wide width availability –something only one other company offers.
  4. Appealing colors schemes.
  5. Great wholesale margins at 55% –5-10% higher than the competition.

Gravity Defyer® is confident that its unique offerings will continue to position them at a high level with premium comfort independants and athletic dealers. 

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Gravity Defyer® Medical Technology Corp. (gravitydefyer.com), the industry leader of pain relief footwear for over 10 years, has blazed a trail for shoes that deliver more than simple comfort. Its patented VersoShock technology derails the pain cycle to support and more active and healthy lifestyle. Gravity Defyer®: Live Life Pain Free.

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