“Good Morning Miss America” by Artist Phyllis Yes Goes to New York City

United States, Iowa, Decorah – 08-22-2019 (PRDistribution.com) —  

From Portland Oregon to Decorah, Iowa to Cumberland, Maryland to Austin, Minnesota, the show lands in New York City:

Opening Off Broadway at Theater 80 Saint Marks Place. The show runs Oct 2nd through October 12th.


What do you get when you mix one Mother with Alzheimer’s, one Step Father who is on the verge of dementia and two daughters living in separate parts of the country who have different ideas of what kind of care their parents need? You get a timely play that resonates with the audience, and creates an important conversation that so many need to have. If you have parents, or are a parent this play is for you.


Actress Libby Cozza saw the production in Portland: “What a compelling, poignant, honest, funny, sad, and perfect portrait of ailing parents, dysfunctional siblings, and the sadness and beauty of it all. It reminds us of that is most important in all of this…love.


Audience member Greg Wennes Radio Broadcaster and owner of Wennes Communications, saw the production in Decorah, Iowa: “Great story, great characters, brilliant directing! Go see it in New York. It’s worth the ticket and time.”


Audience member John Wunderlick saw the staged reading in Cumberland, Maryland. “It is a truly terrific play that artfully mixes a serious subject with humor. It will be successful no matter where it plays.”


The New York City Cast includes: Actors Katie O’Regan, Rick Nance, Gloria Jung and Darynn Zimmer. Get your tickets on-line or by phone.


CONTACT: (917) 456-6967 for Tickets  www.sacrednoisesociety.org 

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