Teacher Jimmy Delgado San Ysidro Wants San Diego To Focus Funds On Mental Health

United States – 08-26-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — San Diego resident Jimmy Delgado is the latest person to step up and make comments about the lack of funding for mental health programs in the area. The region has been hit particularly hard in the last few years, and another suicide at the central library has sparked a lot of conversation, to say the least.

There have been multiple suicide attempts at the central library in the East Village of San Diego in just the last few months. It is becoming an epidemic, as many people dealing with mental health and drug-related issues find shelter from the high temperatures in the air-conditioned library. Teacher Jimmy Delgado San Ysidro is just one of many residents who have spoken up about the lack of funding in the city, and how all changes need to be made.Finding fundingOne of the most challenging things for any city is to properly fund all the programs they want to have at their residence disposal. San Diego is finding out the hard way that the money is hard to find for mental health programming. However, many citizens have voiced their frustrations about how the area is becoming a hotbed for serious issues. In particular, those who are in areas highly populated by homeless people have noticed different behavior over the last few years.Delgado is doing what he can to help create a sense of urgency in the city. He believes that mental health is getting overlooked not only in San Diego, but across the country. As we learn more and more about mental health and how it affects so many people, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that cities like San Diego need to be proactive.There are some grassroots initiatives taking place to raise awareness for mental health issues in the area. Particularly, the City Council has taken notice, and they have invited several people from the community to talk on behalf of mental health programs. The next step is finding the funding necessary, and that could mean finding local professionals to step up and offer a discounted rate for the city.Security issues related to mental healthA lot of homeless people dealing with mental health issues have long gathered at the centrally located library. It should come as no surprise that most of the major issues that have made headlines in San Diego have stemmed from this building. It’s a temporary day home for a lot of people in the area, and it allows them to stay cool.The tough part for the city is that there has been a need for increased security in the library. Many are very happy to see that be the case, but they hope that there is no need for added security in the near future. Just as the library can help with knowledge in so many ways, maybe the library is the answer to a lot of mental health program issues. This has been ground zero for a lot of bad, but perhaps it can turn into good with the right program.Getting involvedDelgado believes that there is more to helping with mental illness than just talking about it online or amongst friends. He is doing his job to help out as much as possible, even if he knows right now it is an uphill battle.The suicide should serve as a wake-up call for a lot of people that these issues are not fading away. In fact, they are becoming worse, and no one quite knows how to deal with everything. Delgado plans to help out as much as possible and fight the good fight to hopefully help San Diego come to their senses and provide additional funding that is needed.

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