“Jay Leno’s Garage” season premier features an armored Audi RS7 designed and built by Utah’s Armormax®

United States, California, Buena Vista – 08-28-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — An Ogden company, Armormax® uses high tech advanced materials that will be featured on an upcoming Season Premier episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. Jay Leno will be reviewing and showcasing Add Armor’s (an Armormax® affiliate) bulletproof Audi RS7 that was designed and built by Armormax in Ogden, Utah. The vehicle was equipped with Armormax® patent pending options including a smoke screen, tack dispenser, oil spray, and an electric shocking system.   These options, as well as many others, have been part of the security packages offered to Armormax® clients for the past 25 plus years.

Armormax® modifications maintain the vehicles’ original appearance and performance.  The smoke screen system designed and installed by Armormax® dispenses (with the flip of a switch) a continuous cloud of smoke to deter pursuers, whether for the speed driver or the soccer mom going to get groceries.  The tack dispenser performs the same task, deterring pursuers through flattening of their tires.The electric shocking system is concealed in each door handle.  When activated it emits 110 volt shock in the door handles when touched and keeps attackers at bay.  It has low amperage so no permanent damage is done (besides getting your heart going a bit faster). Armormax® is pleased to once again be invited to showcase it products in front of an international audience along side a well known comedian and car guy!Armormax® is a subsidiary of International Armoring Corporation (IAC).  Since beginning armoring in Utah in 1993, IAC has armored over 9,500 vehicles, including 138 different models.  These vehicles have been shipped to over 60 different countries. Besides “normal” passenger vehicles IAC has designed and manufactured a number of unique projects, including the “Popemobile” radomes in the DMZ, tractors in Israel, trains in Mozambique, snowcats in Turkey, helicopters in South Africa, trenchers for the middle east as well as vehicles for 45 different heads of state.  IAC has numerous manufacturing facilities worldwide. Governments, subcontractors, militaries, international corporations, religious leaders, vehicle manufacturers, and other individuals use IAC vehicles. For more information, visit www.armormax.com or call 801-393-1075. AddArmor® is an affiliate of IAC and markets exclusively IAC and  Armormax® bullet resistant light weight  vehicles. With representatives around the world as well as a manufacturing facility in Mexico, AddArmor gives end users the ultimate in service and support.  

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