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United States, California, Los Angeles – 08-31-2019 ( — Bisexual men and women may sometimes face difficulties in finding partners. People may not find sync with the notion of bisexuality and may find it objectionable. BiCupid is a dating portal made exclusively for bisexual men and women who wish to break the shackles and find a compatible partner since 2003.

The concept of bisexuality has been on a meteoric rise since the dawn of new millennia. One comes across several men who want to be with men and women. The same stands true for women as well. Irrespective of the geographical location one goes to, the numbers of bisexual men and women are abundant. New York and Los Angeles have the highest numbers of bisexual men and bisexual women. Bisexual couples are found in maximum numbers in Houston and Las Vegas. It goes to show that if a bisexual couple resides in Houston and Las Vegas, they will be in good company.The typical thing about bisexual people is that they are on a lookout for both, men and women. They may come to realize that their search is marred with some difficulties. In such circumstances, a website designed for bisexual couples can simplify the search for bisexual friends to a significant extent.It was with these ideas in mind that the portal, BiCupid was launched. The website is easy to access over the internet. One may also choose to be in touch with BiCupid on the go, by downloading the BiCupid app.BiCupid is focused upon bisexual people in entirety. Following its launch, the website have come up with several features designed exclusively for bisexual people. A bisexual man or woman is sure to come across several like-minded people at the website. It empowers the bisexual community and lets them date like everyone else. Bisexual individuals can hence take pride in themselves. It allows them to lead a life of freedom. About BiCupidSince 2003, BiCupid has been initially created to connect like-minded bi-sexual men and women to explore dating. Now, BiCupid app is available on both App Store and Google Play. For more information about BiCupid, please visit To download the iOS app, go to To download the Android app, go to  Media Contact: Lawrence Z.

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