Organised Crime Chicago-Style set to go into television production

United Kingdom, London – 08-31-2019 ( — Wanda-Halcyon Television International  of Hong Kong and New Street Pictures of Pinewood Studios, London, England announced today that they are close to reaching a deal with Michael and Jeffrey Gentile Jnr. of Chicago, creators of Mob Adjacent ( a very popular youtube series), in regards to producing a television show that would focus on Italian organized crime in Chicago and some of the more colorful characters from 1940 to 1990. 

 Sutish Sharma, Managing Director of New Street Pictures, confirmed that both companies are in a joint venture negotiation to be the producers of record for the Gentile brothers. Sharma, a former BBC executive and award winning writer, also confirmed that they are creating a true crime division that will produce television shows on all facets of American organized crime from a historical perspective. Sharma also confirmed that the new true crime division will be headquartered at Pinewood Studios in London, England and the managing director of that division will be retired Hells Angels President, George Christie of Ventura, California who has gained a lot of recent positive media coverage with the television show, Outlaw Chronicles, on History Channel.  The Chairman of the new division will be Pat Andrew, former executive at Wanda-Halcyon Television. Andrew, has a unique pedigree being a former intern for Pat Marcy in Chicago’s First Ward and a former personal assistant to Sydney Korshak in California. According to Andrew- “we are very close to closing a deal with the Gentile brothers whose knowledge of Chicago and it’s colorful past is unprecedented”  Andrew confirmed that there will be announcements in September regarding the Gentile brothers and the streaming service that will distribute the show worldwide. According to Andrew- “George Christie brought the Gentile brothers’ show to our attention and has been a big advocate. We are very much looking forward to closing the deal”. Any additional media requests should be sent to Sutish Sharma at [email protected]

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