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United States, California, Los Angeles – 09-03-2019 ( — For decades there has been little change in the institutional methodology of trading. In that same time period, the world has seen technology completely shift the landscape of business, and the internet revolutionize the way we go about daily life. Why, then, are the old ways of trading still adhered to and taught so abundantly?

Dr. Barry Burns had this same question and decided to look into the seeming paradox. With the help of his father, who had tremendous trading experience, a handful of highly qualified experts, and some hands-on research of his own at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, he developed Top Dog Trading, a new methodology that takes the innovations in technology into account and learns to leverage them.Rather than lagging behind the times and wallowing in tradition, this methodology focuses on one thing—maximizing profits. Beneath all the financial theories and conceptual aspects of trading, there is a singular goal, and that is to make money. Dr. Burns realizes this and has designed his methodology to reflect that focal point.Now, he is sharing his knowledge, both academic and experiential, with anyone who is interested via Top Dog Trading. Everything you need to know to succeed as a trader has been boiled down into in-depth yet easy-to-understand courses that start at beginner level and build to expert. Whether you are looking to get your feet wet in the world of trading, you are tired of being told things but not seeing success, or you want a change of pace from the old ways of doing things, this course is your answer.While the philosophies behind the courses are at the root of its effectiveness, the included information and various formats it is presented in are what really make the ideas applicable. Top Dog Trading uses videos alongside written and illustrated material to create a well-rounded approach to education. It also includes valuable insights, such as exclusive Top Dog Trading indicators that help users quickly differentiate themselves from the crowd.There have been several fads in the trading world that have come and gone in an instant. The same cannot be said of Top Dog Trading. Thanks to the impressively detailed information Dr. Barry Burns so meticulously collects and lays out in his courses, the substance and track record of the methodology speaks for itself. Luckily, it does not have to—the overwhelmingly positive response is obvious in Top Dog Trading reviews.Anyone can claim to have discovered the next great trading method, but few have the solid foundation and the success stories to prove it. Top Dog Trading has both and has effectively brought trading into the 21st century and to anyone who is interested. You do not have to take our word for it, though. You can check it out for yourself by visiting: www.topdogtrading.comand take a look at the free materials, read reviews about Top Dog Trading, or even reach out for more information!

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