Worry About Long-Term Business Sustainability Keeps 62% of Distribution Leaders Up at Night: New Executive Coaching Program Helps Distribution Leaders Set a Success Trajectory

United States, Illinois, Barrington – 09-05-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Innovation thought leader Dirk Beveridge has launched My Life’s Work™, an executive coaching program for independent distribution executives who expect to transition leadership of the business to the next generation over the next three to ten years. 

“This is the world’s only program for distribution executives ready to secure their life’s work,” Beveridge said.The My Life’s Work™ program includes quarterly one-day coaching intensives per year; expert-designed curriculum, proprietary materials and tools; curated videos; online resource hub; and quarterly video check-ins. The three-year program concludes with a professionally written and published book that memorializes each member’s life’s work. This biography includes the member’s personal and business history; perspectives on values held and lessons learned; future visions of the business environment, the company and continued personal growth and contributions. The book will live as a guide for generations. “Members are part of an intimate group of big dreamers, strategic thinkers and committed difference makers who are eager to prepare their businesses and the next generation for unprecedented success,” Beveridge said. The initial offering of My Life’s Work™ is limited to 30 founding members. For more information, visit https://unleashwd.com/mylifeswork-founder/Securing a business built over a lifetime is a critical issue for independent distributors.  According to Beveridge, 62 percent of distribution leaders he surveyed question if the business has a clear path forward for long-term sustainability, and 50 percent of distribution leaders wonder if they have the skills needed for where the industry is headed. Many independent distributorships are family owned businesses, according to Beveridge. Research from the Family Business Alliance (www.fbagr.org/resources/cited-stats) indicates that only 30 percent of all family owned businesses survive into the second generation with 12 percent still viable into the third generation and only 3 percent of all family businesses operating at the fourth-generation level and beyond. My Life’s Work™ was designed to address those issues, according to Beveridge. “This is a rare opportunity for distribution leaders to work on their businesses, plan for the future, determine how best to get there and strategize for sustained growth for the business and for themselves,” he said.         Dirk Beveridge is the president and founder of UnleashWD, a leadership and innovation development firm in the Chicago, Illinois area that includes a platform of services that growth-oriented wholesale distributors embrace to redefine their relevance, strategically grow and create sustained profitability.  The UnleashWD platform includes UnleashWD Studios, UnleashWD Innovation Summit and keynote speaking by Dirk Beveridge, as well as executive coaching, strategy sessions, think tanks and immersive workshops.

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