FINPLE Platform signs a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Tokencan

Australia, Queensland, Brisbane – 09-08-2019 ( — Super Alki Foundation, which operates the FINPLE Platform, has signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Tokencan Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange.  

 Tokencan is a cryptocurrency asset trading platform that has been providing token issuance and liquidity services since 2017. It has a daily volume of about 130 million yuan. By utilizing the Tokencan platform and its AUSD (Asia Dollar Coin), FINPLE plans to provide cryptocurrency financial services for Korean users. The FINPLE Platform will continue to build a blockchain-based comprehensive financial ecosystem, linking together its recent partnership with Ubank and Bithao financial solutions. Kang Gang-ho, CEO of FINPLE Platform, said, “This partnership has created a concrete blockchain financial technology ecosystem that we hope to advance through. We will create a win-win comprehensive financial ecosystem.” FINPLE is a compound word of ‘fintech’ and ‘simple,’ a cryptocurrency financial platform focused on fintech blockchain sector. FINPLE is a blockchain project that provides development support and investments for small and medium-sized corporations. The FINPLE Platform moves to lower the barriers among countries, breaking down the walls in industries and promoting greater diversification and expandability (scalability) of business, ultimately adding vitality to the world-wide market. FINPLE Boilerplate:FINPLE is a next generation blockchain technology and financial platform. Stemming from the words “Fintech” and “Simple,” the FINPLE platform focuses on efficiency.  By entering the FINPLE ecosystem, companies will have access to blockchain technology, allowing them to integrate blockchain into their businesses efficiently. The FINPLE platform also provides financial support to project for quick and necessary growth. The ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem of growth and synergies among the companies in the platform, and to pass that benefit to the users in the ecosystem.

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