Having the Right Media Contact List is the Key to Media Relations Success

LAS VEGAS, NV – 09-18-2019 — If you just launched a new product, had a new franchise, or have any story related your business to share with the world, knowing whom to call is as important as the story you want to tell. If you are a small business looking for instant traffic and visibility through media exposure, chances are that you don’t want to spend your time, effort, and money on chasing the journalists instead of engaging with them. 

Before you decide to invest in a media contact list, you should know that not all media lists are curated equally. Some are just filled with information and not verified for a long time or it may have the contact of irrelevant journalists simply not interested in your story. It is important that you create a newsworthy, well-written press release by a professional PR writer who knows what he has to include in the news to make it interesting. A well-written press release not only promotes your business on search engines but also helps to build authenticity. The press release could be in the form of text, video, images, and may contain backlinks to your website. There are a few press release distribution service providers such as PR Distribution who provides complete PR writing and distribution services, but if you are interested to contact and engage with journalists and influencers yourself, buying a media contact list is the best way to start. When you are familiar with the reporters who write about your business, industry, or expertise, you can demonstrate familiarity with their work as you make your pitch. That is always a winning way to start a conversation, capture attention, and earn editorial consideration. Needless to say that for better results, always proofread your press release carefully for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes and then send it out to your media contact list. Better yet, send it to PR Distribution Inc. and let them take care of everything without you being involved in anything. The website maintains over 100,000 media contacts from journalists, editor, anchors, and more. You can quickly discover people without any effort with whom you might want to share your story. The lists start at a very minimal price which gives you a high return on the investment. Once the payment is made through PayPal or credit card, the staff will generate a fresh copy of the contact list and send it directly to your inbox within a day or two.  ABOUT MEDIACONTACTLIST.COMMediaContactList.com is one of the most authenticate and powerful source of media lists for public relation agencies or corporate communication department. It aims at businesses looking for journalists to write or share their press releases, but it is also a great resource and inspiration for anyone looking for other PR opportunities. For more information, contact the company here.   

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