Lynk Labs Continues Growing IP Portfolio At Rapid Rate To Support Licensing Program

United States, Illinois, Elgin – 09-24-2019 ( — Lynk Labs Inc., a leading supplier of LED Lighting assemblies, modules, and system solutions to lighting OEMs has continued to grow its patent portfolio at a rapid rate for the past several years to support the company’s licensing program and initiative with patents covering high volume segments such as Color Tuning/Switching, Smart Lighting, PoE Lighting, Wireless Controlled Lighting, Wireless Charging Smart Phones & Tablets and more.    


Most of the LED industry is familiar with Lynk for its early involvement in pioneering and developing the technology known as AC LED (e.g., a LED light source driven by the AC mains, an external electronic transformer, electronic ballasts, etc.)” or Driver On Board “DoB” which today has become a standard in many products.  What some may not be aware of is that Lynk Labs has also pioneered and patented many other technologies being used in products and systems that are part of very mature, and emerging market segments.  


Over a year ago Lynk announced (–enforcing-intellectual-property-in-led-lighting-industry-300625911.html) that the company would increase focus on a licensing program to address “the LED industry’s unlicensed use, import and export of the company’s broad and diversified intellectual property portfolio” according to Lynk officials.  The portfolio is very diverse and vertically covers a broad scope of technologies from components to end products with the majority being end products according to Lynk.  “Historically Lynk Labs’ core business has been a lighting OEM supplier of LED components and system solutions but with such a broad and widely used patent portfolio it only makes sense to increase focus and invest into enforcing and licensing our patents so we can ensure that the company is compensated fairly for its IP and contributions to the industry.” said Mike Miskin, CEO of Lynk Labs. 


Some examples of the patented technologies covered under Lynk Labs’ growing IP portfolio include Warm-Dimming, Selectable-CCT (rapidly becoming a standard in big box residential LED systems), Selectable-Power/Brightness, Motion/Occupancy Sensing Brightness Switching, Filament lamps, LED lamps such as Tubes and A-lamps, Wireless and Wire Controlled Smart Lighting, PoE lighting, Controls, Universal Voltage driven systems, Human Centric, Li-Fi, Wireless Charging, Wireless Systems controlled by portable devices with touchscreens, and much more.  


“Lynk Labs’ patent portfolio includes very early priority dates that cover very high volume LED lighting products but also covers other markets such as displays, smart phones, tablets, wireless charging and more.LED tubes, down lights, filament lamps, track and other established end product lines like this are of great value and part of our patent portfolio but we’re also very excited about the many issued patents we have covering very rapidly growing high volume emerging segments like selectable-CCT, color tuning, brightness switching, wireless controlled lighting, human centric and more.  The big box retailers, distributors and OEMs are rapidly realizing the benefits that our selectable-CCT and brightness switching technology reduces SKU’’s and returns which directly impacts and improves earnings.With multiple CCT options and brightness options all selectable by the end user using a simple switch on the fixture, in some cases we’re seeing this technology enable the integration of essentially 30 products or more into a single fixture needing only one SKU.We’re proud to have pioneered and patented these and many other technologies that have advanced the LED industry we’re also very committed to making sure that we’re compensated for all the products using our patented technologies”, said Miskin.


About Lynk Labs

Lynk Labs is a market leading innovator of lighting-class LED technology, lighting products and LED lighting system components. Lynk manufactures and markets LED components, drivers and system kits for lighting OEMs. Lynk also offers licensing opportunities in select areas and applications within its patent portfolio.


Lynk Labs has built a broad patent portfolio of technology surrounding various forms of AC LED, HV LED and DC LED technologies that includes Chips, Packages/COBs, Assemblies/Modules, Drive Methods, Lamps, Lighting Systems and TV & PC Displays.  More information on this can be found at and

Lynks’ product families include SnapBrite LED assemblies, GeoLite LED lamps and system kits, BriteDriver AC LED drivers and Tesla AC LED components. For additional product and Company information, please refer to For inquiries about this press release contact us at

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