United States – 09-24-2019 ( — TARPON SPRINGS- Students and staff from Solid Rock Community School in Tarpon Springs, Susan Hargreaves, founder of Animal Hero Kids, Michele Fasnacht,  founder of Solid Rock Community School will gather outside of the school to support and cheer on Greta Thunberg as a role model for kids inspiring change. 

 When: September 27, 2019   10:00 amWhere: Solid Rock Community School
 ‘’Young people today are concerned enough about their future to act. They are looking for solutions. This is why Greta Thunberg chooses to be vegan for the sake of the planet,’’ states Susan Hargreaves, founder of Animal Hero Kids, a Florida based charity empowering youth to compassionate action. Hargreaves, author of “Animal Hero Kids Voices For The Voiceless” will be speaking at a school assembly before the rally. “Solid Rock Community School, a certified Green School, has been on a mission to inspire and educate families to eat more plants for health and environmental concerns,” says school founder, plant-based health coach and vice chair of the Plant-Based Nutrition Movement Tampa Bay, Michele Fasnacht.”When you provide intelligent people with facts, it’s hard to deny the benefits of leaving meat off the menu and putting plants on the plate.  Education and awareness is key…and of course great tasting plant-based food helps! We are supporting Greta because she is a vegan teen leading change that aligns with our initiative to eat more plants. We want our students to know that they are our future and no one is to small to make a difference and their voice matters.”  Veronica Green, author of the Veggie Vero series and Animal Hero Kids 8 year old President will join the students who will be holding two large banners reading “Animal Hero Kids Rock!” and “Solid Rock Community School Eat More Plants to Save the Planet.”The pioneering Solid Rock Community School, is the first Florida school with a completely plant-based school menu. On November 2,  the school will receive recognition for being a trailblazer when the “Animal Hero Kids School Hero to All “ award is presented to them at the Animal Hero Kids Summit & Celebration. The previous recipient was MUSE school founder, Suzy Amis-Cameron, wife of filmmaker James Cameron.The global food company Tofurky is donating vegan luncheon meats for the school lunch on September 27 to support the school’s commitment to making healthier, kinder and eco-friendly lunches available for its students.    About Animal Hero Kids About Solid Rock Community School

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