Terbine Is Now The World’s Largest System of IoT Data Feeds

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas – 09-25-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Global exchange for machine-generated data provides the first “one stop shop” for IoT feeds sourced from public agencies in over 50 countries, accessible to both human and AI “users”


Terbine announced today that it has achieved a new industry benchmark by gathering more IoT data feeds generated by public agencies than any prior attempt. The feeds represent a broad range of agencies and sources, encompassing air, land, water and space. The initiative goes well beyond simple Web searching to provide comprehensive capture, contextualization, determination of provenance, classification and ingestion. These together make it possible, for the first time, for human users and AI’s alike to instantaneously discover sensor information from many regions and apply it to analytics, operation of machines and/or intrastructure. 


Like Bloomberg and Netflix for the IoT 

“We set out to codify the physical world, literally,” said David Knight, Terbine Founder and CEO. “There are tens of thousands of sensor data feeds found throughout the public sector alone, and nobody had attempted to bring it all under one umbrella. What Bloomberg did for financial data and Netflix did for streaming entertainment, we’ve achieved for the Internet of Things.” 

The key enabler to those highly successful systems was the addition of a rich ‘metadata layer’ that thoroughly describes what the information is and where it comes from. Thus instead of playing thousands of video files to decide which to view, Netflix and other streaming services provide metadata-based encapsulations that can be searched. Terbine does the same for IoT data. 


Designed for an AI-Driven World

With virtually every industry sector beginning to utilize Artificial Intelligence for internal processes, systems operation, supply chain and logistics, plus customer interactions, the requirement for AIs to discover, access and process data coming from machines is increasing rapidly. Terbine has focused its initial data acquisition plan on the public sector, offering businesses and government agencies alike a unified, single-access system that eliminates the need for users to set up thousands of individual data retrieval accounts. Instead the myriad public agency feeds are characterized and made available through one interface, usable by both AIs and individual users. Terbine is now working with leading companies in the financial services, insurance and autonomous vehicle ecosystems to bring IoT-based situational awareness to those sectors. A wide selection of data sources and types are needed to cover the broadest range of end user applications, which can differ widely. All of the data feeds can be viewed at www.terbine.io


About Terbine

Terbine provides the first global system for the seamless exchanging of machine-generated/IoT data. The Terbine IoT Data Exchange is capable of characterizing, categorizing, licensing, monetizing, tracking and securitizing the flow of IoT data emanating from public agencies, academic sources and commercial entities, at high speed. Designed to leverage key advances in artificial intelligence and edge computing, Terbine will scale with the growth in IoT data generation and solidify its usage within and between industries, to the benefit of global commerce and society at large. www.terbine.com 

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