Kumolus Achieves Amazon Web Services Cloud Management Tools Competency

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne – 09-30-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Kumolus has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Management Tools Competency status. With this attainment, Kumolus is recognized by AWS that it has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with specific focus on workloads based on resource and cost optimization.

The Kumolus platform automatically identifies cost reduction targets. Once identified, Kumolus remediates the identified service using policy based workflows. An opt-out capability allows the customer stakeholder to stop a workflow, giving control to the business stakeholder to drive service and cost optimization.Customers can create automated events that allow them to stop, back-up, rightsize, patch, execute run commands, and start services all as one single workflow. The platform allows customers to continually run in a cost optimised state by automating cost reduction activities, achieving cost savings with no manual intervention. “Kumolus offers AWS Cost Optimisation remediation. This includes workflow features that use automation to continuously remove cost without manual intervention,” said Michael Salleo, Kumolus CTO & Founder. “Kumolus’s recognition of the AWS Cloud Management Competency shows it can offer real value to AWS customers and partners.”“We use Kumolus cloud automation, cost management, and security features to manage our enterprise customers,” said Mohit Sharma, CTO of RightCloud, a SoftwareONE Company. “We have improved our speed and effectiveness when deploying, migrating and managing full stack applications, with lower risk, more predictable cost structures and enhanced business reliability.”Kumolus customers realized the immediate benefit and optimized their Cloud spend by 20-60 per cent.“We have improved our speed and effectiveness deploying, migrating, and managing full stack applications in AWS by 400 per cent. With lower risk, more predictable cost structures, and enhanced business assurance,” he said. 
About KumolusThe Kumolus Cloud Management Platform enables organisations to gain access to cloud services to deliver IT agility while maintaining enterprise control. Founded by Michael Salleo and Josh McGrath in 2012, the Kumolus Cloud Management Platform was released in 2016.Kumolus is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with offices in Asia and a growing network of global partners in APAC and the Americas.
Media Contact: Glen Kerr – [email protected]Please speak to Kumolus or one of our partners to understand how we can help you with your AWS Cloud Cost Optimisation. Visit https://kumolus.com for more information!

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