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A new fashion label designed to bring the features of technical outdoor apparel to everyday fashion is launching in downtown Detroit. MuskOx is a men’s apparel brand that equips the modern American man for anything life throws at him – weekend camping trips with the guys, business casual days at the office, or tailgates before a game. Named after the rugged animal that inhabits the arctic tundra, MuskOx empowers the modern man to Roam Free from the office to the outdoors with a singular look. 

Spearheading the team at MuskOx is Brad Hoos, a Michigan native and resident. Hoos identified the opportunity for MuskOx from working with a number of large social media influencers as a partner of The Outloud Group, a leading influencer marketing agency.  Rather than merely advocating for existing brands, influencers are creating their own brands. These influencers use their tremendous reach to catapult the popularity of the brand, a strategy MuskOx is using as part of its launch. 

“I love the outdoors, business, and making things happen,” Hoos offered. “When looking at the fashion industry, I didn’t see a brand where men could both look good in the city and on a hiking trail. Today’s successful men do it all, so MuskOx was formed to help men feel good about themselves, because when they do that, they do a better job of taking care of their herd.”

The collection was designed by Lindsey Hunt. Lindsey grew up spending her summers in Michigan and after years in New York was able to return “home”. Lindsey combines her previous experience at brands like Ralph Lauren and Vineyard Vines with her family’s love for the outdoors to form a brand new take on what it means to be a man for all seasons.

“We know there are men out there who love to spend time outdoors and lead an active lifestyle. But life changes and more demands on time means you aren’t able to do those activities as frequently. It’s still part of your identity, but it’s easy to get lost in day-to-day commitments. We created MuskOx to help our customer hold on to the adventurous part of their soul,” said Hunt.

Rounding out the core team is Chris Regner. A dad of 3 boys immersed in sports, chaos is the norm in the Regner household. Regner recently field-tested MuskOx apparel in Alaska: “With the MuskOx gear I was comfortable the whole time. It’s ultra-soft material, so whether it was the full warmth of summer in Juneau, or the chill of arctic night air in Glacier Bay, I was prepared for the elements, but always relaxed thanks to the design and fit.”

MuskOx apparel is available online at The fall collection includes a full line of pullovers, flannel shirts, t-shirts, and hats. Expect some surprises in the coming months as well-known YouTube personalities collaborate with the brand to drive consumer awareness.

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