Overbond Launches AI Sandbox For Building Fast Prototypes

Canada, Ontario, Toronto – 09-30-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — COBI Sandbox exposes structured data and Overbond COBI AI models for clients to freely test most valuable business use cases without committing capital to full deployment


Overbond Ltd., fixed income capital markets fintech for AI predictive analytics, has announced the launch of COBI Sandbox, structured data and AI modeling environment for building fast prototypes. COBI Sandbox is delivered as part of Overbond Montreal based R&D Labs, a partnership with HEC Montreal and Concordia University, as well as the Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO).


Overbond R&D Labs and COBI Sandbox source one of the deepest vertical data stacks for fixed income capital markets AI modeling, including traditional and alternative data sets. Clients can test AI prototypes focusing on advanced AI applications for bond pricing of illiquid securities and issuers, bond price forward, price momentum, liquidity scoring, fundamental analysis and modeling the shape of yield curves.

“Overbond R&D Labs and COBI Sandbox offer to our clients structured environment for rapid prototyping. Advanced models and AI capabilities are exposed to reduce development and research costs in key use cases for our clients by at least 10 times” said Vuk Magdelinic, Overbond CEO.

Data cleansing and normalization layer is applied in COBI Sandbox so that clients can start driving meaningful AI modeling results without lengthy data sourcing and data structuring IT integration projects that usually need to be completed first and can last over a year.  

Advanced algorithmic output such as bond price momentum recommendations, pre-trade ideas, pricing tension signals and buyer preference monitoring are made available to Overbond clients through its cloud-accessible platform for front-end visualizations. Overbond also offers bond pricing feeds via on-demand near-real-time API access. 


About Overbond

Founded in 2015, Overbond is transforming how global investment banks, institutional investors, corporations and governments connect and access fixed income market through advanced AI analytics. Overbond’s fully-digital platform and suite of AI algorithms (COBI) eliminates inefficiencies, provides systematic price discovery and predictive analytics to all counter-parties in fixed income market. 

The company’s growing client base includes buy-side institutions with over $2 trillion of assets under management globally, across both passive and active strategies as well as regulatory reporting regimes. As well as global corporate and government issuers with more than $20 billion in outstanding bonds.


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