RRMine awarded the ‘Excellence in Finance — Companies’ award at FiNext Conference Orlando 2019

China, Hainan, Haikou – 09-27-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — FiNext awarded RRMine the ‘Excellence in Finance — Companies’to recognize it’s significant contribution in financial sector     


RRMINE was awarded the Excellence in Finance — Companies award for their significant contribution towards the financial sector at FiNext Conference 2019, held at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, Orlando, Florida. This event was the much awaited Finance and Technology conference of the year 2019 for North American region which aimed at bringing together the best and brightest from the field of Finance & Technology under one roof.And,the award recognizes companies from 5 metrics:spirit of innovation,overall reach,industry impact,future readiness,market demand.                                                              


About RRMine 

As an innovator in cloud mining, RRMine?rrmine.com? provides high-quality and stable mining services with advanced technologies such as 7X24-hour monitoring, hashrate cloudization allocation, coin-based output cloudization and deep-capitalize hashrate . 

RRMine manages the entire mining process for its clients including miner purchasing, logistics services, electricity supply, mining pool selection and machine maintenance.Furthermore, RRMine’s standardized Anti-Risk Cloud Contract with stable price is safe and user-friendly. The cost advantage is significant especially in volatile market. 


Free flow hashrate asset by mastering the art of technology 

Hashrate will definitely a kind of important resource of near future. “We are honored to win the Excellence in Finance,” said Kris,Founding Partner of North America of RRMine. “The world changes rapidly due to technology and internet: from the first change of information transmission to business innovation, now we already entered the revolution of open finance,this is obviously a trend.It’s also the value of Finext to connect with us, RRMine is participating in this revolution, not only for the change of hashrate mining, but also capitalized hashrate to let more people in an open financial prospective to acquire this kind of emerging assets easily.”


Here are some aspects of RRMine to highlight   

With 100% true mining farms hashrate output exceeding strong Bitcoin Hashrate with thousand of mining machines, sourcing from global farms. RRMine ensures large-scale transparent and uninterrupted hashrate flowing on the platform, thus, maximizing the benefits of our users. And the hashrate has been developing rapidly. Moreover, with higher “Hashpower Age” mechanism to value participants’ time and hashrate holding. A large number of high-quality users gathering in RRMine, created a profitable win-win ecosystem community on the basis of mutual trust. A large amount active users of RRMine are providing high liquidity in secondary market trading, everyone can quickly trade their hashrate.


RRMine has completed its business branches in China, Japan, the United States, and Europe, consolidating the framework of “cloud mining sales going global and business compliance going local”. RRMine will continue its global promotion to benefit to more small and medium sized users. 


Company:  Hong Kong Superb Grace 

Contact:  Richard Meng 

Email: pr@rrmine.com 

City:  Hainan 

Country:  China 

Web:  www.rrmine.com 

Media Contacts:

Company Name: RRMine
Full Name: Hong Kong Superb Grace
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Website: https://www.rrmine.com

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