South Carolina Medical Team Offering Innovative Regenerative Medicine

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC – 10-01-2019 ( —  Elite Healthcare is leading the Mount Pleasant and South Carolina area with its integrative health clinic. Offering the latest in minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments for pain relief through regenerative medicine. 


Regenerative medicine offers different options for natural pain relief to the patient.  Whether you are suffering from back, neck, knee or joint pain, there is an alternative to pain relief that doesn’t require risky or invasive surgeries or pain-masking drugs. Regenerative cell therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) use your body’s own power to heal.


Regenerative cell therapy is used to rapidly repair or restore injuries and aging or damaged tissue.  Slightly differing from stem cell therapy, which uses cells derived from bone marrow or body fat, regenerative cell therapy uses cells obtained through umbilical allografts containing Wharton’s Jelly. These cells are what are known as “mesenchymal stem cells.” They have the highest concentration of growth factors,  allowing for faster healing and long-term sustainability for degenerative conditions.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)  is another form of regenerative medicine used to encourage your body’s natural healing ability. PRP is often used when joints, muscles, and tendons are the problem pain areas. By using platelet-rich cells obtained from the patient’s own blood, the natural healing process is jump started by using the high platelet concentration to enhance cell growth.  


Elite Healthcare has an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced staff bringing the cutting edge technology of regenerative medicine to Mount Pleasant.  Dr. Tim Osbon and Traci Kennedy team together to oversee patients’ regenerative therapies.


Dr. Tim Osbon (Medical Director) is a South Carolina native, who grew up in the mountains of Greenville County.  He had the childhood most little boys only get to dream about, exploring nature and taking in the picturesque scenery that surrounded him.  A graduate of Blue Ridge High School, he went on to pursue his degree in biology at Wofford College. Following a 4-year stint as a Medical Service Corps officer at the military medical school in Bethesda, Maryland, he enrolled in the graduate program at Johns Hopkins University where he would receive his Masters Degree in biotechnology and genetics.  Eventually, Dr. Osbon would return to the Medical University of South Carolina and go on to specialize in emergency medicine. In 2007-2008, he founded and opened a hyperbaric oxygen facility that would later join up with East Cooper Medical Center to provide a world class wound care center for Mount Pleasant. Continuing to practice emergency medicine, Dr. Osbon teamed up with Dr. Todd Brown to launch Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine.  Now in charge of overseeing patient care, he has formed a collaboration with the talented and experienced Nurse Practitioner Traci Kennedy.


Traci Kennedy (Family Nurse Practitioner)  recently located to Charleston from Indianapolis where for the last three decades has dedicated herself as an ER trauma unit nurse.  After an extensive career as a trauma nurse at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway caring for drivers as well as attendees of the Indy 500, Formula One, and Nascar, Traci decided it was time to pursue a degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  In 2016, she obtained her degree and began working for Franciscan Immediate Health Care, eventually relocating to Charleston, SC.  


By joining forces, Dr. Osbon and Traci Kennedy help to bring natural and regenerative medicine to Mount Pleasant, offering their patients hope for a life without invasive surgeries or symptom-masking medications.

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