The right Media Contact List is the key to Consistent Media Coverage

LAS VEGAS, NV – 10-03-2019 — For startups and small businesses, gaining positive and consistent coverage on the media and influencer’s network can have an incredible impact on their brand identity. Having press release distributed to the related media outlets affect businesses at so many levels. It helps to increase brand awareness among the community and groups. The more likely people know about you, the more likely you will grow as a brand. 

While startups should not become too much obsessed about getting media attention as a bigger priority is getting your narrative across to a wider audience. Having a solid relationship with journalists and the media is only the starting point of PR strategy. Once you have the right media contact list, you can continue emailing and pitching them your press release. The key, of course, is to effectively communicate your brand identity and the narrative you want to build around the core values of your business. Ideally, when a journalist, analyst, or editor working in your niche area gets the story about your new product launch or hiring, they will publish it to their network. By providing them the press release, you are also helping them in their pursuit of a great story. When the media outlets choose to share your story around your brand, it furthers establishes your authority in front of prospects and customers. Usually, journalists don’t have enough time to read the whole story and publish it as it is. This also gives you control over the narrative you want to create within the communities. Having a professional press release writer in your team helps to get a captivating news-worthy press release. A well-written press release may contain images, videos, or backlinks to create a more interesting version of your story. has an impressive media contact list containing over 100,000 media contacts of journalists, editors, influencers, and analysts. The lists are available at affordable prices and can be downloaded in CSV format. Once you purchase the list, the staff will generate a fresh copy of the media contact list to ensure validity. The list is directly sent to your inbox within 24 to 48 hours. If the whole pitching, emailing and chasing after journalists seem too much work, you can choose to outsource your whole PR strategy to experts. PR Distribution Inc. offers press release writing and distribution for its clients. Once the PR is distributed, the client is presented with the complete reports of the websites the PR is published on.  ABOUT is one of the most authenticate and powerful source of media lists for public relation agencies or corporate communication department. It aims at businesses looking

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