GlasschainTM IBM Food Trust Integration delivers easy Compliance-as-a-Service

United States, California, Soquel – 10-10-2019 ( — Glassbit, a Watsonville/Salinas-area company delivering innovative solutions for fresh produce growers and shippers, today announced the general release of the Glasschain IBM Food Trust Integration application.  This cloud-hosted CaaS solution offers a low cost and low hassle option to meet customer compliance mandates to participate in the IBM Food Trust.

“This is absolutely the easiest way to comply with buyer mandates,” said Pete Townsend, Glassbit COO.   “Modifying your ERP system to update the IBM blockchain is usually expensive and time consuming.  We are offering a better alternative with a subscription model that is low cost and free of ongoing master data management.”  Glasschain has been in production at Ocean Mist Farms since mid-July successfully updating the Food Trust blockchain for Walmart shipments without error or intervention.  A lightweight ERP adapter sits behind the firewall and securely connects to the Glasschain Core hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Glasschain Food Trust Integration features include:
     • Set-it-and-forget-it operation with automatic shipment monitoring and blockchain posting
     • Fast compliance in under 3 weeks including testing and data quality validations
     • Dashboard view with shipment drill down, error monitoring and alerting
     • Granular control of which data is shared with trading partners
     • Subscription pricing model and pay only for months with Food Trust postings
     • Visibility into customer distribution center and retail store receiving events

Glasschain Food Trust Integration is built on top of Glasschain Hub, a cloud tool that can be leveraged to integrate the mission-critical applications residing outside ERP.  Integrate food safety, quality assurance and field data collection applications to combine event-stream data into actionable operational dashboards and alerts.

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