Remote Companies Are the Future

United States, New York, New York – 10-10-2019 ( — Building a multi-million dollar business where none of the employees interact with each other in person seems like some type of made up fantasy, but remote companies are starting to make a big impact! Large corporations are even getting in on the action and starting to hire remote workers to scale their operation all around the world. 

Remote jobs expert and best-selling author of Global Career How to Work Anywhere Travel Forever, Michael Swigunski, has recently published an article on about the essential tactics to building a remote team successfully. The majority of the tactics have been developed from years of experience working remote and helping scale a fully-distributed online team. Michael has traveled extensively around the world to more than 75+ countries and is on a mission to help others learn how to find work internationally with local or remote jobs. The trends are going upwards and remote work will only continue to develop overtime. We have already witnessed the demise of brick and mortar jobs and physical offices will also continue to decline overtime. 

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