The LMC Group Launches Four New Brands: New Hampshire-Based Consulting Firm Celebrates Five Year Anniversary With Announcement of Company’s New Direction

United States, Washington – 10-11-2019 ( — Management consulting firm The LMC Group today announced a major change in the company’s organization and direction. The LMC Group is rebranding and restructuring as The LMC Groups, launching four new and independent entities: LMC CFO, LMC Ops, LMC People, and LMC Spotlight. 

Founded in 2014 by long-time business consultant, author, and speaker Kristen Carroll, The LMC Group has provided a wide range of services—from finance and HR to customer service, business development, and marketing—to their clients. Their client base of small and medium businesses, nonprofits, and government entities sought out LMC for expert-level solutions that enabled them to compete with bigger, resource-rich businesses.  Marking their successful first five years prompted the LMC team to consider their direction for the future. Each member of LMC has been genuinely influenced by management pioneer Jim Collins, who argues that great companies are filled with people who do rewarding work that meets a need. It became clear that four of LMC’s service offerings met that standard, as Kristen Carroll explained:I’ve been an avid follower of Jim Collins for years, and I gave his book Good to Great to my team to read. The concept that struck the loudest chord was the hedgehog concept, his recommendation that companies ask themselves three questions: ‘What are we deeply passionate about?’ ‘What can we be the best in the world at?’ ‘What best drives our economic engine?’From that point it was an easy decision to refocus our efforts and restructure our services to best serve the needs of our clients while ensuring the greatest reach for our core competencies. That easy decision ultimately resulted in 15 months of strategic planning and operational changes to launch. Each of the new divisions is an independent entity with its own leadership team, service model, target market, and growth strategy:

  • LMC CFO is a financial services firm, helping businesses with budgeting and forecasting, tax planning and strategy, finance system reboots, and fractional CFO services.
  • LMC Ops is an operations management firm, providing best practices, training programs, efficiency audits, and technology system optimizations. 
  • LMC People is a human resources firm, focusing on training, policies and procedures, recruitment and search, and employee engagement, in addition to providing the full range of HR services.
  • LMC Spotlight is a visibility catalyst firm, offering social media services, public relations, digital and print marketing, and web content development and guidance. 

Carroll remarked:This restructuring allows us greater flexibility to innovate and continue our commitment to offering truly unique, personalized services that meet our clients’ greatest needs, while remaining true to our vision and values. All of the entities under The LMC Groups are dedicated to the core principles that propelled our success during our first five years: innovative solutions, personalized approach, values-led leadership, and access to expertise and resources.You are about to see the very best that LMC has to offer, and I couldn’t be more pleased with this new direction or more optimistic about the road ahead for our team and our partners.

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