Eight Federal, State and Local Regulatory Complaints Filed Against Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc., and Nevada Sales Agent, Alleging Elderly Exploitation, Deceptive Business Practices & Fraud

United States, Florida, Venice – 10-14-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Timeshare cancellation Attorney Susan Budowski has filed eight regulatory complaints on behalf of her 75-year-old client alleging elderly exploitation, deceptive business practices and fraud by Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc., and one of their sales agents who is selling timeshares in Nevada. Attorney Budowski said, “after hearing her story I am deeply troubled at the alleged senior exploitation the Wyndham’s sales agent engaged in to pressure and coerce a 75-year-old woman into purchasing an upgrade that put her ownership to a million points.”

Under sworn affidavit, her client attests that she went to the owner’s weekend in Las, Vegas Nevada in July 2018 only to see what her exit options were to get rid of her timeshare. Instead of answering and assisting her, the sales agent failed to inform her about Wyndham’s Ovation Program – which allows owners of a paid in full timeshare to possibly surrender their timeshare back to Wyndham. Instead, the sales agent knowingly and willingly made several misrepresentations to her client to coerce her into purchasing an upgrade of her already paid in full timeshare. The sworn affidavit by her client contains the following allegations regarding her sales agent:On July 12, 2018, the sales agent informed her client of a “timeshare secret” – by upgrading to Diamond Membership, she would be able to rent out her unused points and the rental income would offset any timeshare expenses;

  • The sales agent told her not to mention this “industry secret” to other Wyndham sale’s agents or owners;
  • The sales agent then induced her into purchasing another 241,000 points for $168,436.31, receiving equity from her previous paid in full timeshare in the amount of $112,665.00;
  • During closing, her client asked the closing representative what her cancellation rights were. The closing rep responded. “it’s in there;”
  • The morning after she signed the contract, her client felt uneasy about the purchase and wanted to cancel. When she saw the sales agent at breakfast, she asked to speak with him about cancelling and needed more than just a few minutes of his time and he told her to call him when she returned home;
  • On day 2 of her 5 day rescission period, her client sent the sales agent an email sharing her objective to get out of the contract;
  • On day 4 of her 5 day rescission period, her client called the sales agent asking how to cancel the contract, but he did not give her any details and said he was at the doctor’s office with his son;
  • The sales agent did not call her client back until day 6 – conveniently one day after the lawful 5 day rescission period to cancel without penalty, and advised her to write a cancellation letter and he would forward it to the appropriate department. The sales agent knowingly and purposely delayed contact until outside the rescission period to keep his commission intact.

Attorney Budowski’s client tried numerous times to cancel her contract during the legal rescission period seeking the help of the person she assumed would help her, her licensed sales agent, however, he was uncooperative and would not advise her of her legal rights until the 5 day rescission period was over. She did in fact send her letter and received an email back stating they could not help because her rescission period ended. She opened a complaint with Owner Care, and she received the same response – she could not cancel because she was outside of her “rescission period.”  Owner Care ignored the fact that she tried to cancel her contract with her sales agent.“Based on her client’s sworn affidavit this is another recent example of Wyndham allowing their sales agents to say and do whatever they want in order to make and keep a sale by exploiting our elders; this is unacceptable and we hope the Attorney General of Nevada Aaron Ford will intervene to prevent this from happening to other seniors” Budowski adds. Her client seeks to have her upgrade cancelled, money refunded and reimbursed her legal fees. Legal fees this senior citizen would not have incurred had it not been for the manipulative deceptive practices of the Wyndham sales agent.About Attorney Budowski Susan Budowski is a licensed attorney in Florida. Attorney Budowski has helped thousands of timeshare owners since converting her law practice to exclusively handle timeshare matters in 2010. Ms. Budowski has been selected for AVVO’s Client’s Choice Award 7 Years in a Row. 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013, and she was honored with the Guardian ad Litem Award of Excellence 2016, volunteering for abused and neglected children by the Orange County Bar Association.She was admitted to the Florida Bar May of 2004 and was added to the Roles of the Law Society of England and Wales in August 2012 as an English Solicitor, allowing her to practice law in nearly 40 countries.Attorney Budowski is also the Chairman & CEO of Hope City United, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit corporation to bring awareness and the eradication of human and sex trafficking.Ms. Budowski previously worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley Virginia where she received multiple Exceptional Performance Awards from high-ranking members of the CIA, including former CIA Director Robert Gates, who also served as Secretary of Defense for both President Bush and President Obama.For more information visit any of Attorney Budowski’s websites:www.susanbudowski.comwww.susanbudowski.lawwww.mytimeshareattorney.comwww.mytimeshareattorney.lawyer
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