DipJar Releases “A Next-Generation Nonprofit Model”

United States, Massachusetts, Boston – 10-15-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — DipJar, the leading provider of simple, secure fundraising solutions, announced the availability of “A Next-Generation Nonprofit Model”, which describes the 5 key principles for building a scalable and sustainable non-profit organization.


“From the thousands of nonprofits we work with, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the most successful ones are learning from the best practices of leading for-profit businesses,” said Chris Selland, CEO of DipJar. “At the same time, leading businesses are increasingly factoring socially-oriented priorities into their bottom lines – we no longer live in an “either/or” world, and by publishing this report we hope to help more nonprofits become both more successful and sustainable.”


Those 5 key principles are:

1. Tell a compelling and emotional story

2. Don’t shy away from overhead – invest intelligently

3. Create data-driven goals and decisions

4. Diversify revenue streams strategically

5. Prioritize the donor experience

The report is immediately available via the DipJar website at https://www.dipjar.com/download-next-gen-ebook. For more information about DipJar, DipCast, success stories, and fundraising tips, visit www.DipJar.com.

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