BCT Consulting Teaches us All a Valuable Lesson in Web Design & Marketing

United States – 10-16-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — BCT Consulting Teaches us All a Valuable Lesson in Web Design & Marketing


15 years ago, having a beautiful website made your business special. It meant that you could afford to be at the cutting edge of business technology. It was a sign that your business was healthy. It was a sign that you had customers, and that meant you were a trustworthy brand.

These days, having a website is just the baseline. 

There’s a high correlation between businesses without websites and businesses who fail. 

But there’s no correlation between having a website and succeeding. So what makes web design effective in 2019? We took a look at the case studies from the best website designer in Fresno: BCT Consulting, and found the determining factor is the combination of captivating web design with powerful website marketing.

On a basic level, most people know that web design and marketing are important, but few people know why. If you know why, then you can rig the game in your favor and win almost every time.


Website Design isn’t Just Website Design Anymore

Much like how the idea of an “automobile” has evolved since the words inception by Karl Benz in 1885, according to BCT Consulting the idea of “website design in Fresno” has evolved since the early 2000’s.

In the past, putting up a website was about designing web pages that would properly convey your brand’s message while looking impressive. 

These days, websites have to be mobile friendly, they have to be fast, they have to be written with persuasive copy, the design has to be conversion rate optimized, and most importantly the site has to be search engine optimized.

Website Design has also changed in purpose because websites have changed in purpose. 

While in the past, a website was just a representation of your brand, these days they can also be money-making, lead-generating machines by bringing in new prospects that would have otherwise never found your brand.

All of this is due to the rise of search engine information.


Your Customers Have Changed

Before the internet was a thing, your customer demographic operated differently. 

They were less likely to be transient. They were more likely to ask for referrals. Their neighbors and community wouldn’t change all that much. They needed the help of others for many basic things like finding out who’s a good contractor and who’s not.

Then came the super powered mobile computers (cell phones). And all of a sudden, your customers became more independent. 

They were more likely to move across the country. They didn’t need to bother their friends for referrals because they could just google the best company in town. They were more likely to research your brand. The business environment experienced a slow, quiet revolution. 

These days, especially when it comes to web design, and marketing, they’ll find reviews a more powerful signal than what their neighbor has to say.

In the past, to reach your prospects, you had little to no control over who saw your advertisements (local television, bill-boards, direct-mail, magazines). These days, you have so much control over your advertisement that you can specifically target your prospects.

Marketing changed completely once prospects became accessible via the internet.


Website Marketing in 2019

Web design and web marketing have evolved into its own ecosystem. Every month, in any given city, there will be a pool of new prospects for businesses. And every month, those businesses will compete to place their brand in front of those new prospects.

The businesses who succeed in getting that online visibility will rapidly and dramatically grow.

While the businesses who fail, are likely to experience stagnant growth until the next recession knocks them out of the competition.

In the past, it was almost impossible for one brand to get all of the business because reaching consumers was difficult. These days, the stakes are higher than ever. Because a significant amount of new business is generated online, 1 company that has amazing website design and web marketing can easily take over a local market.

Digital marketing has made it so that both success and failure become exponential in nature.


A Look at BCT Consulting

So when we look at BCT Consulting and their website design case studies, we see a shift towards what we’ve been talking about in this article. On the foreground, you see beautiful websites. But what you don’t see is the marketing, optimizations, and technical support that are powering those websites behind the scenes.

Moving forward, the web design companies that want to see their clients succeed will need to grow into more than just web design companies – they’ll need to be website marketers and place more value on customer support than they have in the past. As an industry leader in IT support and web design, BCT Consulting has set a high bar for other companies to meet by emphasizing customer success and customer support.

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