BABO Releases The World’s First Dual-Weather Weighted Blanket For Anxious Or Restless Sleepers

United States – 10-21-2019 ( — BABO’s new weighted blanket has a dotted side to provide warmth on cold winter nights and a soft woven-bamboo side which provides cooling on hot summer nights.


Weighted blankets are highly regarded by medical experts and have been used in hospitals and in therapy for decades to support people who experience stress and sleep disturbances. The same effect that causes weighted blankets to have their relaxing effects has been seen to work in swaddling babies, placing thunder jackets on dogs, and the therapeutic value of a good hug.


This scientifically and clinically proven calming effect comes from something called “deep pressure touch simulation” therapy (or DPTS).


While light touches alert the nervous system, deep pressure like a massage, a tight swaddling, or yes, a weighted blanket for adults have been shown to increase serotonin and dopamine production. In the evening, serotonin converts into melatonin which is responsible for feelings of sleepiness.


Increased serotonin levels have been shown to lead to deeper sleep.


“Imagine not only receiving a relaxing massage every night until you fall asleep, but throughout the night as well; allowing you to stay asleep and wake up rejuvenated,” says Zach Kurian, the founder of BABO.


“Science has devoted itself to the task of helping the 77% of Americans who experience trouble falling asleep. The BABO blanket is designed to evenly distribute about 10% of your body weight, so your body can feel the sensation of a deep pressure stimulation while you sleep.” He says.


Other observed effects have been feelings of calm, safety, relief, and comfort. A weighted blanket can be used for anxiety, depression, autism, insomnia, sensory disorders, and more.


The new weighted blanket from BABO is the first in the world to address a seemingly major problem of heavy blankets – they can become sweltering hot during the summer months.


They have made one side of their blanket with warm materials for cold nights. The other side is made with a soft woven-bamboo which is designed to remain cool during hot nights. They hope restless sleepers will be able to use their blanket in hot climates and seasons.


When flipped around, it functions as a cooling blanket.


“That’s why we’ve designed this blanket – to give restless sleepers the option between having a warm blanket on cold nights or to flip it over and have a cool blanket for hot nights. The woven bamboo side is very soft, almost like cotton, and it gives a very cool and deep night sleep even when temperatures soar,” says Zach Kurian.


Available in the weighted blanket Amazon category, the BABO Dual-Weather Weighted Blanket can be found here:


About BABO: BABO is a manufacturer of premium dual-weather weighted blankets – which are scientifically proven to aid in getting a deep and restful night’s sleep. Their weighted blanket product is the first in the world with their unique “dual-weather” design – featuring a warm dotted side and a soft, cool woven-bamboo side.


Babo Weighted Sleep Blanket from Zach Kurian on Vimeo.

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