How to Roll a Joint

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – 10-22-2019 ( — Six Steps to Rolling the Perfect Joint from SereneFarms.Ca

Serene Farms your online dispensary teaches you how to roll the perfect joint every time in six easy steps.  No more embarrassing fumbling with your weed and papers as Serene Farms shows you the six simple steps to ensure you roll a great joint every single time. For cannabis users, perhaps no subject generates more heated debate than the issue of how best to roll a joint.  In an attempt to settle the debate, or at least make it better informed, Serene Farms presents a six-step guide to rolling the perfect joint every time.The world of cannabis is linguistically confusing.  Terms are used interchangeably and often have different meanings in different places.  To address this Serene Farms clearly shows how to avoid confusing a joint with a spliff or a blunt. Joints contain only cannabis, they are rolled with cigarette papers and often contain a filter, referred to as a roach, tip or crutch, which structures the joint and lets the user smoke the contents down to the very end.The road to the perfect joint begins with premium or cheap weed and careful preparation.  Ensure you have to hand the following – your bag of cannabis, rolling papers and filters, a grinder and a pen or similarly shaped implement.  The choice of weed is a whole different topic entirely, but for papers, three-inch hemp papers are recommended as they are thin while also being strong, and burn evenly. Many things can be utilized as emergency filters (pages of a magazine, cigarette packets and many more), but it is worth preparing properly and investing in some purpose-made filters that get the job done properly.  Cannabis grinders are not an optional extra, it’s a necessity.  No one ever made a great cup of coffee without first grinding the beans as they should be; the same goes for grinding your Mary Jane.  A purpose-built grinder (choose a four-piece grinder with a kief catcher) will break your cannabis up into the fine, dusty grain, known as ‘shake.’  It is shake that makes the content of your perfect joint. Your grinder will also collect some ever finer dust called kief, this can also be added to your joint to increase its potency.The third step is to insert the filter.  This will prevent stray cannabis from falling into your mouth, it reduces the chances of you burning your fingertips, and stops the tip from getting soggy.  Lightly hold the paper in your left hand, keep the filter in place with your thumb and sprinkle the shake into the paper with your right hand.   Between half a gram and a gram should be enough, but you can also add a little of the kief. As you sprinkle, carefully shape the paper so that the contents fill out your joint and begin to form a cylinder.Now to the actual rolling. Let the unglued side of your paper roll beneath the glued side.  Keep your fingertips light and rotate the joint back and forth to ensure the weed is packed in tightly and the joint forms a uniform cylinder.  Use the pen (or something similar) to pack down the end of your joint. And there it is, the perfect joint. Perhaps not the first time! But with a little practice you’ll soon master it.. For more on how to roll the perfect joint and much more on cannabis products and culture, visit SereneFarms.Ca.  

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