Three Entrepreneurial Experts Share The Truth About What It Takes To Build The Thriving Business Of Your Dreams

United States – 10-22-2019 ( — The producers of the New Notoriety™ Production docu-series “The Advisers™” are on a nationwide search to solve the problems that are holding your business back from your ultimate success. In each episode, growing entrepreneurs are given the unprecedented chance to receive real-world solutions from top experts whose only motive is your success.

 Whether you just have a fantastic idea, are a start-up or already operating successfully and looking to expand, if you feel you have a business question that is keeping you up at night and you can’t find the answer, then “The Advisers” is just the show for you. Because sometimes you need unbiased, real-world, real results: Meet “The Advisers.” Who are “The Advisers”? They are entrepreneurs just like you. No angel investors or bank accounts full of cash – these self-made entrepreneurial successes know what it takes to build thriving businesses on any budget and scale them for maximum successes. With over 60 years of combined business know-how, “The Advisers” have the educational and real-world skills to create real results. Cassandra Shepard: Cassandra Shepard ( with over 30 years of international corporate and entrepreneurial business chops, knows what it takes to whip any size business into financial shape. Her own success of launching her latest entrepreneurial endeavor to go from o to six figures in under nine months is proof that she has the skills and know-how to build profitable businesses. Amy Lokken: Marketing whiz Amy Lokken understands how to grab, hold, and convert lookers into long-time buyers. With her business MUD Modular ( ), she helps brands from all industries stand out in the real world while creating online sales. Ali Craig: And Ali Craig ( ), with over 21 years of branding know-how, this luxury neuro human brander has built the brands of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, authors, nonprofits, coaches, and product-based brands. A sought after guest on stages across the U.S. as well as national media- Ali’s neuro human branding approach is a proven hit for building thriving brands.

“The Advisers” is a weekly reality TV show offering real, unedited, unvarnished advice for entrepreneurs of all levels. It airs on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Android Tv’s Notoriety Network ( )  as well as the New Notoriety app available in the Google Play and IOS stores. Season 1 begins to air on October 29th at 9pm est.

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