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United States, New York, New York – 10-29-2019 ( — Betting Kings® is a world leading Sports Investment Consulting Firm, founded by a seasoned and forward-thinking group of financial service professionals with a common vision. We provide professional,nontraditional investment advice to a growing an exclusive community of Personal Finance Enthusiasts™.


Betting Kings is paving the road for our members to invest invery uniqueand also very profitable investments.Betting Kings recommendations have included high endcollectiblecars, Mickey Mantle Card,game-used, autographed Willie Mays Jersey,whiskeycasks,and evenwatches. These investments represent a combination of art and the stock exchange. The assets themselves are art forms – a part of our culture – nostalgic and often historical. The liquidity of the assets and access to quality statistics and market trends make collectible investments more aligned with the world of traditional markets like the stock exchange.


“The world of investable assets has changed. Betting Kings leverages unique data and AI to help our clients construct digital portfoliosthat are comprisedof alternative assets. Many of these liquid assets were unavailable to the everyday person in the past.Betting Kings makes available not only information, but the strategy to grow our members portfolios successfully,” saysBetting Kings President/CEO Kary Hisrich.

“Training, education and trust in our savings and alternative investment strategies has been imperative to our growing community of Personal Finance Enthusiasts™. Betting Kings continues to provide unique data-driven information and easy-to-use digital apps — that allow our users to make more informed and rational decisions on personal finance management and grow their digital portfolios. Earning money, saving money and growing together.”

Betting Kings provides nontraditional investment advice to a wide range of clients worldwide. As a full-service nontraditional Investment Company, our goal is to continue to diversify and grow our members data-driven portfolios with nontraditional investments by using unique data and AI. Betting Kings is continuing to grow one of the world’s largest communities of Personal Finance Enthusiasts™.

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