Motions for Trial Judge Recusal and Conform to Jury Verdict Filed in the Custody Battle of 7-Year Old Transgender Child

United States, Texas, Coppell – 11-05-2019 ( — Dr. Anne Georgulas has filed a motion for the recusal of Judge Kim Cooks as well as a motion to Conform to Jury Verdict in the ongoing and very public custody battle regarding her 7- year old transgender child.  Motion to Conform to Jury Verdict V2 JHJ.pdf Motion to Conform to Jury Verdict V2 JHJ.pdf  The trial judge in this case imposed a gag order on the parties after concluding that publicity about the case has inflicted trauma on the child and her twin brother and invaded the family’s privacy. Yet despite this recognition, the judge herself has posted links to news articles about the case on her social media accounts. The judge even commented on the case—a pending matter in her court—on her Facebook page, and in doing so invited (and permitted) ex parte communication about it.  One of the accusations is that Judge Cook posted on her personal Facebook page in reference to a Dallas Morning News Article “Here’s the truth! READ IT and THEN GO RUN TELL THAT!”  Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 9.46.23 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 10.18.57 AM.png Ironically, the true facts of the case are not being told.  Instead, the ultra-conservative, far-right voices are spreading outrageous inaccuracies thus flaming transphobic fears to the point that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is opening an investigation solely based on these falsehoods.  Dr. Georgulas’ position is not being relayed in large part because the protection and privacy of her child is more important to her than press coverage and notoriety. 


These are the facts:


1) Dr. Georgulas DOES NOT have plans for castrating the child or administering puberty blockers to a 7-year old as is being stated by the Saving James organizers and perpetuated by conservative media. 


2) The marriage between Mr. Jeff Younger and Dr. Georgulas was annulled based on fraud perpetrated by Mr. Younger to induce marriage.  There were over 100 findings of fraud concluded by a previous court to warrant a marriage annulment.  Claims of being in the military when he was not, that he is a Professor with a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Philosophy when he does not even have a Bachelor’s degree, and marriages that he conveniently forgot to mention to Dr. Georgulas, just to name a few. The annulment had nothing to do with the current Trans issue.  You can find this in the findings of facts and conclusions of law transcripts here:


3) Gender identity issues were not presented in one day, or one week; it was over a year from when the first signs were presented and INSISTED upon by the child before there was any move towards social transition, and that decision was made only after Dr. Georgulas sought out guidance from mental health professionals.  Signs presented by the child are insisting she be referred to as her brother’s sister, begging to buy a dress and asking that it not be “pretend”, and asking her mother when “her penis is going to fall off because she’s a girl”, just to name a few of a very long list of obvious gender identity issues.


4) Five experts, including several court-appointed experts who have evaluated the child say the mother allows a choice, the father does not, even though the child consistently prefers feminine expression.  The court appointed child psychologist stated that the child told him that his mother gives him a choice to be a boy or a girl and that his father would “freak out” if the child asked him if she could dress like a girl and that makes the child “sad.”


5) The father said in court he will not allow the child to dress like a girl.  The child custody evaluation confirmed the father said he would not shed a tear if the mom lost her business, medical license and home.  The father is unemployed and has not looked for employment since October of 2018.  He is living on the proceeds of the “Save James” website donations and Go Fund Me.  He is living with his girlfriend rent free and uses her car as he does not have one.  Ironically, he sites his religious beliefs as a significant reason for his beliefs on trans gender issues, yet when asked if it’s okay to live with a woman outside of marriage, his response was “I was granted a special mercy by my priest”.


6) The father has made public on many occasions the name and school of the child placing the child and others in danger.  On November 1, 2019, a rock was thrown through the window of Dr. Georgulas’ home while the children were sleeping.  Dr. Georgulas had to close her pediatric practice for several days as dead animals and graffiti were in front of her office.  Parents of the child’s classmates were concerned about sending their children to school based on all the information the father was revealing.


7) There was extensive evidence presented to the jury from both sides and there is a reason why the jury voted 11-1 in Dr. Georgulas’ favor.  She was not even asking for Sole Conservatorship.  Mr. Younger was asking for Sole Conservatorship YET, the jury elected to give Sole Conservatorship to Dr. Georgulas when they could have elected for continuing the current joint agreement. 


The media frenzy generated by Mr. Younger that exploits his child and supports his unemployment must stop.  The child has been exploited by the father, the media, and now radical politicians who are voicing opinions that are based on false information and clearly affecting the judge’s ability for impartiality.   Dr. Georgulas refuses to be a part of this exploitation because she believes the protection of her child is most important.  At some point the voice of the CHILD must be heard.

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