Alternative Investment Strategies for the New Kind of Investor

United States, New York, New York – 11-11-2019 ( — Kary Hisrich,  Betting Kings President & CEO was invited speak in from of a  group of financial professionals this morning in New York.  Kary discussed Betting Kings Unique Data/AI and how “BK Members are now owning and trading pieces of Mickey Mantle,  Michael Jordan, The Say Hey Kid, Collectable Cars and the rarest whiskeys outside Edinburgh, Scotland”.  Betting Kings is a leading provider of alternative investment strategies for a new kind of investor.


Alternative Asset Sales & Investment Consultant

Today, if you are an investment professional, you already know that there is a shift happening in your world.

Whether you are in real estate, stocks, insurance, or FX, YOUR PLAYING FIELDS ARE SEEMINGLY AWASH IN OPPORTUNITY. The market has reached record highs and yet your clients are hungry for even more.

But how long will the markets continue to deliver? The uncertainty of China, interest rates, elections, and national debt all loom large over the horizon.

And being an investment professional seems to come with an ever increasing expectation to continue to deliver outsized and once in a lifetime returns quarter after quarter.

It has a personal price too: the pressure of increased quotas, constantly pushing the products your firm wants, long hours, and virtually no work/life balance.

ENTER 2020. A new shift in the landscape of alternative financial vehicles allowing participation in the newly approved and regulated arena that spans the categories of investable collectibles. These include sports history items, classic automobiles, collectible cards, art, wine whiskey and art, and even sports games.

IT IS THE NEW GREEN FIELD for investment professionals and an arena where both early movers and big winners have already been crowned.

Candidly, IT’S NOT AN ARENA FOR EVERYONE. If you enjoy peddling mutual funds, stocks, or real estate with non-descript names, vanilla solutions, and low digit returns, this playing field is not for you. If you want“traditional,” stick to selling car insurance and annuities to folks in Sun City and Laughlin.

But if you want to own and trade a piece of The Mick, MJ, The Say Hey Kid, and the rarest whiskeys outside Edinburgh, Scotland, then you want Betting Kings. Betting Kings is a leading provider of alternative investment strategies for a new kind of investor.


As an Alternative Asset Sales & Investment Consultant with BettingKings, there are never any products to “push” or unattainable quotas to meet. You’re finally free to focus on a higher mission as an investment professional: Building an exclusive community of like-minded clients and fellow advisors who all have common goals of helping members make more money by participating in the emerging investment market of some of the most historically significant items in the modern era of sports and collectibles.

Armed with our exclusive “BK-AI” (our artificial intelligence (AI) basedapproach), you’ll assist us in helping your clients establish associationsbetween behaviors and their impact on events to match market-moving information with non-traditional investments and liquid assets.

Your Qualifications:

You’re meant for this role if you have sales and finance experience and athorough understanding of the investment industry. You will succeed if you have a desire to develop longstanding relationships as opposed to selling products or trading accounts. You will thrive if you have a tremendous desire to explore new opportunities and challenges—and along the way, seek to help us in our quest to better the investment universe. Finally, you will excel if you continuously strive to put your clients first.

We also provide a cumulative, continuous learning and development framework on the Betting Kings mobile app for all Personal Finance Enthusiasts TM.

But in the end, it’s not the perks that keep people at our firm. They remainbecause they believe in our mission of service and helping make a dent in the universe in one of the fastest growing communities and one of the most fascinating industries in the markets today. Find out more at

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