Angel Investors Network Launches New Young Professionals Program on Veterans Day

United States, New York, New York – 11-11-2019 ( — Angel Investors Network is thrilled to announce a brand new Young Professionals program, launching on November 11, 2019 as our nation honors those who have served honorably in the United States Armed Forces on Veterans Day.

Angel Investors Network – Young Professionals (AIN-YP) will engage with emerging current and future leaders who are committed to personal growth, career advancement, professional skill development, entrepreneurship, free enterprise; along with willingness to develop the acumen, confidence, and financial freedom to follow their passion and do what they love.  The new program will offer young professionals unique benefits, access to professional and financial resources, mentoring options, and fantastic networking opportunities to take their career development and/or entrepreneurial venture to the next level. 

AIN-YP membership is open to professionals from all industries, military personnel (active duty, reserve/guard, military spouses, and veterans) and students, between the ages of 18 and 40. 

From now until the end of 2019, AIN-YP is pleased to offer special introductory rates.  Veterans, active duty military and/or reserve members, and military spouses are invited to visit the AIN website, scroll down to “Military Membership” and select “Click to Learn More,” where you will be offered a 50% membership discount in honor of Veterans Day 2019. 

Civilians and non-military individuals interested in joining this exciting new program can also take advantage of introductory offerings and a discount of 15% off membership packages through December 31, 2019.  There are different membership options available each offering unique benefits, along with executive board and company/corporate membership options, to ensure that everyone joining can select the best fit for their professional needs. 

The program launch is planned in accordance with Veteran’s Day, to honor our new military members and veterans.  Including armed forces service members in AIN-YP is especially important to Angel Investors Network CEO Jeff Barnes, who is a veteran himself having served our country as a US Navy Submariner.  

Barnes stated, “Our active duty military members and veterans serve our country in a way no civilian or politician ever could. They risk their lives daily and sacrifice more than one can imagine helping us live in freedom. Many left our shores not knowing if they would ever return, and they do so willingly. For those who do return and fulfill their duties, the transition to the civilian workforce is anything but simple. A high priority for our Angel Investors Network Young Professionals program is to empower our members with the skills, knowledge, resources, and network they need to excel in their next career as much as they did in the military.”

The Executive Director appointed to lead AIN’s new YP program is Cristen Buter, who has been a member of AIN since she first joined Pitch Tank – San Francisco in June 2019.  Cristen brings a great deal of experience to the AIN-YP Program stemming from her previous roles in organizations such as the American Red Cross, Young Professionals Network, The Great ShakeOut, St. Jude’s Hospital Up Til Dawn, and the Veterans History Project.  Cristen is passionate about creating scalable, culturally inclusive programming for organizations aiming to engage younger demographics in their initiatives and missions, but feels privileged to lead a unique program that encourages members of younger generations to explore and grow as individuals with diverse professional aspirations. 

When asked why AIN will be the prime organization for engaging young professionals, Cristen replied, “I have had incredible opportunities to work with well-known organizations offering resources geared towards strengthening professional development for young leaders, millennials, members of our armed forces, and students.  Seeing the fantastic resources that AIN has to offer, my immediate thought was that AIN is the perfect organization to create a program that would attract emerging leaders and help them to achieve their professional and financial goals.   It’s not about fitting into someone else’s idea of what a young professional is.  It’s about becoming equipped with knowledge, skills, strategies, technology, tools, and networks so that young professionals have a smart path to success on their own individual terms.  Many of the resources AIN has created will be even more effective if they are presented to professionals at the start of their careers.  Being able to provide beneficial, critical information that can help young professionals avoid pitfalls and financial blunders as they work towards accomplishing their goals will make such an incredible impact.  It is an honor to be part of this terrific team at AIN that has worked so diligently to bring our new program to fruition!”

AIN-YP will offer important educational and financial resources, entertaining podcasts, online Lunch-and-Learns, mentoring and networking opportunities, professional development guidance, YP-focused webinar sessions from entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike, and so much more to ensure that young professionals in the program will receive a valuable return on their investment of purchasing a membership.  A kick-off event, complete with a young professionals’ focused Pitch Tank, will be coming up in 2020. More details will be shared on the AIN-YP website and in Angel Investors Network’s newsletter. 

“As we make preparations for a stellar AIN-YP kick-off event, ensuring that we have a diversified support system of sponsors and mentors who can provide professional connections and guidance to our YP’s will be so important,” explained Buter.  Companies and individuals interested in learning more about supporting the program through collaborative partnerships, mentoring, scholarships, and sponsorships are invited to contact AIN-YP’s Executive Director at [email protected]

“The number one challenge in the workforce today, for both emerging companies and Fortune 500 companies alike, is the ability to effectively pass along skills and expertise to the next generation,” Barnes remarked. “Our goal is to help the next generation of motivated individuals gain the skills and expertise they need to step into leadership roles in their desired career.”

Visit our website, to sign up or to contact us at [email protected] with any questions about the program.  For the most up-to-date news on AIN-YP, check out our Facebook page,  To learn more about the Angel Investors Network, please visit our website,  For more information about AIN’s newsletter, please visit

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