Clickfunnels vs Leadpages: Winner Announced

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas – 11-18-2019 ( — Both Clickfunnels and Leadpages are powerful softwares used by entrepreneurs to help them convert traffic into sales. But which is better?
People have been asking Clickfunnels vs Leadpages since Clickfunnels for over a decade. And finally we have a definitive answer on who the winner is.

Leadpages vs Clickfunnels: How We Judged the Winner

To pick a winner for the clickfunnels vs leadpages contest, we looked at a few areas:

Value offered

Pricing options

Design options

Your Necessities

And Clickfunnels beat out leadpages in every scenario but 1. 


In terms of value offered when it comes to Clickfunnels vs Leadpages, Leadpages gives you access to their template with several different design options. They offer basic training on a weekly basis and their “expert” program starts at around $197/mo. Their expert program comes with all the bells and whistles by allowing you to integrate leadpages with other services. The Leadpages starter package is priced at $25/mo, however, it offers so little that under no circumstances is it worth using. And lastly, their $47/mo package is a decent option but doesn’t allow integrations.

In short, if you’re going to build anything more than just a single landing page, you’re going to need the Leadpages $197/mo package.


On the other hand, Clickfunnels gives you access to entire funnels, which includes landing pages, up sells, down sells, thank you pages and more. Their templates are funnels for every purpose from hosting live events, selling products, and collecting information. With the starting package of $97/mo, you get access to all of these templates, the ability to receive payments, and the ability to collect lead information.

What sets apart the beginner tier Clickfunnels package from the middle tier Leadpages package are two things. The first is that the Clickfunnels templates are far greater in quantity, quality, and depth. Meaning, you’re not just getting a landing page design, you’re getting a whole funnel.

And the second thing (and probably most important), is that Clickfunnels comes with an entire library of training that can take someone from beginner to expert levels in marketing. On top of their training, they have a Facebook community filled with highly successful entrepreneurs that are constantly sharing their success, tips, tricks, and the lessons they learned. The community alone is worth the $97/mo.

The Clickfunnels agency package comes with all the built integrations you would need for e-mail marketing, audience segmentation, drip campaigns, and more.

So comparing the Clickfunnels agency package to the Leadpages agency package, you have to ask which is better? The answer is Clickfunnels because it’s cheaper than Leadpages.

“But Leadpages is $197 and Clickfunnels is $297” you might say. And to that, the response is that the Leadpages agency package is used when you need integrations. The cost of those integrations should be considered as a major factor. And when you add it all up, chances are that you’ll be paying for more than what Clickfunnels costs.

Landing Page and Funnel Templates

Another area that might be important to most people are the templates and designs offered by both providers. 

So here’s the weird thing: Leadpages has beautiful designs. But our gripe with them is that they seem to recycle the same theme, reskin it 50 times, and claim that they have 50 different landing page designs.

Additionally, I have yet to see a million dollar sales funnel built with leadpages but we see them ALL the time with Clickfunnels. The most impressive part is that the funnels don’t focus on flashy design elements – they focus on converting traffic and making sales.

Overall Value Delivered

Comparing Clickfunnels vs Leadpages, overall, it’s pretty clear who delivers the most value. If you’re an expert marketer and don’t need any more knowledge, then Leadpages might be the better choice as you can go with their leaner packages and get everything you need.

However, if you’re an expert marketer, you’re probably not reading this.
Clickfunnels on the other hand offers an insane amount of value with all their different design funnels, training, and integrations. Comparing them both side by side, it’s clear that Clickfunnels delivers more value overall than Leadpages.

When to use Leadpages

In conclusion, you should use leadpages if you need a simple landing page and nothing else and when you don’t want any more Funnel building marketing training or knowledge. Their $47/mo plan will save you $50/mo compared to Clickfunnels.

The middle plan that Leadpages offers is great for just that – a simple, 1 step landing page.

When to use Clickfunnels

You should use Clickfunnels, basically, all the time. The community, the training, and knowledge alone that comes with Clickfunnels is worth the price point. 

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